Oscar Amstadt

Sep 26, 2020

7 min read

Where to Buy Status (SNT)?

Cryptocurrency investors are currently searching where to buy Status (SNT) in the best and most efficient way as the token has finally reached a bottom. The decentralized ecosystem consisting of a wallet, Web3 browser, and encrypted messaging app is quickly being adopted by many in the industry, leading to a higher price.

But, where can you profit from SNT’s massive potential and add it to your portfolio? I will show you exactly where and how to buy Status, as well as explain what makes it so special. In the guide below, you will find out the easiest and simplest way to trade the token. The crypto market is very turbulent and waits for no one so there is no time left, start reading now!

What is Status?

Status (SNT) launched in 2017 as an open-source encrypted messaging platform, Web3 mobile interface, and crypto wallet. The symbiotic ecosystem drove adoption to high rates only within mere months after launch. However, the collapse of the crypto market led to both interest and development slowing down. Despite the unfortunate events, crypto investors recently rejuvenated their interest in Status as the SNT token finally reached a bottom. Moreover, new updates and partnerships have renewed the project’s development.

The platform’s main objective is to jumpstart massive adoption for DApps based on Ethereum. How does the team plan to achieve that? Essentially, the platform functions in the same way that Android’s and Apple’s App Store work. In a decentralized way, Status provides users with access to a majority of Ethereum dApps. Moreover, users can use encrypted P2P instant messaging, conduct payments and smart contracts, and store assets on the Status wallet.

Status places a deep emphasis on communities. To grow its smartphone user base and help dApp adoption reach higher rates, the platform focuses on building both developer and user communities. The Status community has the goal of helping users have better access to dApps. Moreover, the platform seeks to popularize Web3 and become one of the first massively adopted Web3 protocols.

Apart from Status, the project features a vibrant ecosystem of different products and services. These include Incubate, Embark, Studio, Nimbus, and Keycard.

Status Incubate represents a traditional incubation program for startups. It provides support to companies who have recently started out by offering technical support, mentorship, assistance in compliance, and funding. On the other hand, Embark is a development framework created for developers who already know how to code and launch dApps.

Status Studio is another environment tailored specifically for developers. It helps them learn more about dApp development and earn the experience they need. Nimbus is one of their more ambitious features. It is a research project and beta-implementation of the future Ethereum 2.0. It helps resource-scarce and embedded systems use blockchain technology. And in the end, we have the Keycard platform. The Status Keycard is a hardware wallet integrated into a contactless card. It provides users with efficient and smooth transactions for SNT, ETH, and almost all ERC-20 tokens. Furthermore, developers can freely edit the Keycard and make it customizable, since the code is open-source.

Where to Buy Status (SNT)?

Status (SNT) is in the cryptocurrency market since 2017 and many exchanges have listed it over time. As it is an ERC-20 based token, it is relatively easy for exchanges to list SNT. Moreover, it enjoys a significantly high reputation on exchanges since it is still being developed despite the 2018 market crash. Despite the huge number of exchanges that listed SNT, it is still problematic to buy it. Why? First of all, not all exchanges are great. Some have a tiresome KYC process requiring detailed information about your identity. Some offer high trading fees not viable for active trading. Worst of all, some are not secure and offer poor custody solutions. This leads to difficult questions such as how to get Status and where to buy Status tokens.

To mitigate these effects and help you discover where to buy Status (SNT), I conducted in-depth research regarding some of the leading cryptocurrency exchanges. Trading cryptocurrencies should be safe, quick, and straightforward, and exchanges should offer the same. In our research, I discovered one exchange that provided the best results according to our metrics. The name of the exchange? Coinuma.

Coinuma is a cryptocurrency exchange based in Spain that caters to investors searching for the newest and hottest digital assets. Upon further review, we have seen that registering and trading only takes a few steps. Below, I will show you a step-by-step guide on how to buy Status.

Making an Account on Coinuma

Creating an account on Coinuma only takes a few steps as KYC measures are quite limited. All you have to do is visit Coinuma.com and click on ‘Start Now’ in the top right corner. This will redirect you to a simple registration page. To register you will need two types of information, an email, and a strong password. Once you have entered the relevant data, click on register and Coinuma will send a verification email.

To start trading, visit your email provider and find the email you have just received from Coinuma. Confirm your account by visiting the relevant link. Once that is done, you will be redirected to Coinuma again. Your account is now fully complete and active. To trade, head over to the trading section located at the top.

Depositing Funds

Before you actually trade, you will need to deposit funds if you have not already done so. Coinuma provides trading for altcoins with Bitcoin and Tether as the predominant trading pairs. To buy Status (SNT), you are required to provide the exchange with either Bitcoin (BTC) or Tether (USDT) funds. How do you do that? Start by clicking on the Finances tab. Next, you will encounter a list of tokens. You can manually search for the token you wish to add or quickly search by typing in the field at the top.

Note that Coinuma at the moment does not support fiat currency deposits. You will only be able to deposit existing cryptocurrency funds from your wallet or other exchanges. If you do not already possess funds, I advise you to head over to Coinbase, Paxos, or LocalBitcoins to purchase BTC. You can also buy Bitcoin locally by searching for a Bitcoin ATM near your location. After you have collected the funds and safely stored them in a personal wallet, you are ready to deposit.

In this guide, I will use SNT/BTC as an example. Search for the Bitcoin field in the deposit tab and click the ‘Deposit’ button. Then, Coinuma will provide you with an address to which you will have to send your Bitcoin. If there is no network congestion on the Bitcoin blockchain, it will only take a few minutes for your assets to appear in your Coinuma wallet. Finally, we can continue by trading Status.

How to Buy Status (SNT) on Coinuma

Now that you have your funds on Coinuma, you are ready to buy Status. At this point, making the trade will be even faster. If you are currently in the trading panel, look over to the search field and type SNT. After that, select the trading pair you want (in this case SNT/BTC) and you will see the trading section for Status. Alternatively, you can visit the following link to directly open the SNT/BTC trading section: https://coinuma.com/exchange#SNTBTC

You are now ready to buy Status with Bitcoin. Simply type the number of SNT tokens you wish to buy or the amount of BTC you want to spend. After doing so, click the ‘BUY’ button and your order will soon be filled. Congratulations, you have successfully bought Status!


After completing all of the steps, you became a proud owner of Status. If you want to get more, you will always know where to buy Status (SNT) in the shortest time possible. Now that you have purchased the assets, you can decide whether you wish to actively trade or hold SNT as a long-term investment. You can keep trading by buying and selling SNT on Coinuma as the asset is stored on the exchange. If you want to hold SNT, you can either store it on the exchange or withdraw it to your personal wallet. Withdrawing assets is similar to depositing them, you can refer to our deposit section for a quick reminder.

Being a cryptocurrency investor is fairly difficult at times. Moreover, it is hard to keep track of which exchanges work best and which ones provide the token you need. Thanks to Coinuma, you have one place where you can make all your crypto trades. The exchange requires minimum KYC identity information, stores your assets safely, and regularly lists the newest projects. You will never have to switch between accounts on exchanges again as Coinuma provides the best rates and tokens.