Oscar Amstadt

Sep 28, 2020

8 min read

Where to Buy Enjin Coin (ENJ)?

enjin token buying guide

As the space of NFT tokens grows in popularity, investors search where to buy Enjin (ENJ) safely and efficiently. While the leading NFT gaming blockchain platform has gradually risen in price, ENJ still has immeasurable room for growth as a top 100 token. The question remains, where would an experienced investor make the decision and trade?

In this guide, we will not only show you what ENJ really is, but we will also show you the best place where you can buy it. Cryptocurrency trading can be troublesome at times. Even if you discover a good exchange that supports your desired token, there is still the hassle of understanding how to trade on that specific exchange. To maximize efficiency and enable you to make a perfect trade, we will show you a sneak peek at where experts trade.

What is Enjin Coin?

Where to buy Enjin Coin (ENJ)

Enjin is the leading blockchain gaming platform for digital collectibles that offer decentralized ownership. It is one of the first projects in the cryptocurrency sector to introduce the idea of adopting Non-fungible tokens (NFT) for digital collectibles in the gaming industry.

NFTs represent a special type of token that is completely unique and only available in a limited number. For example, the owner of the Enjin Coin holds the same token as any ENJ holder. Meanwhile, the owner of an NFT may be only one out of the 10 users that hold it. Moreover, the NFT is completely different from any other token in its ecosystem.

NFTs are the perfect solution to digital collectibles. In the gaming industry, all video-game collectibles are held directly by the user, but they do not have full custody rights. Moreover, most video-game collectibles cannot be traded. Therefore, we have a situation where a user can buy an item for hundreds of dollars but be unable to sell it.

To solve this problem, Enjin designed the ERC-1155 token standard. Moreover, the special token type can hold not only non-fungible assets but fungible assets as well. In this case, fungible assets could be used for in-game currency while NFTs could be used for in-game skins, items, pets, etc. ERC-1155 tokens are completely decentralized, safe to use, and protected against hacking. Moreover, the team implemented a feature where ERC-1155 tokens can be bundled up in a trade to avoid spending additional fees for more transactions.

To summarize, the Enjin protocol provides users with decentralized custody, a convenient exchange asset, and a superior ERC token standard. Moreover, Enjin offers a special native wallet where users can store all of their tokens. The protocol’s ecosystem consists out of the ENjin Wallet, EnjinX, a Unity plugin, and a marketplace for trading NFTs.

At the moment, the gaming industry has not officially adopted blockchain technology. However, gamers stand to profit the most from integrating blockchain technology. The ever-growing industry is forced to introduce proper mechanisms for item ownership at some point, and decentralized technology is the best way to do it. In the coming years, we expect that NFT-platforms will have more and more partnerships with giants such as AMD and Nvidia. Rumors of AMD partnering with blockchain projects such as Enjin are already circulating now, but there have been no official disclosures so far.

Where and How to buy Enjin Token (ENJ)?

Luckily for investors, finding an exchange that supports the Enjin Coin is not hard to find. The token is based on the Ethereum network, the largest cryptocurrency ecosystem in the industry. Since many exchanges support the ERC-20 token standard, you can expect to find ENJ almost anywhere. However, there is a catch. While it is true that ENJ is available in many places, not all are optimal trading locations. True crypto enthusiasts believe in decentralization, and therefore, they always seek the safest and easiest way to buy assets.

Finding the best exchange can be hard and time-consuming, where to buy Enjin token (ENJ)is extremely important to make the perfect decision. Some of these platforms require too much information concerning identity, provide higher trading fees, and may have an overall confusing user interface. To remedy these effects, we decided to take a look at all of the exchanges that support ENJ to find the perfect one. After severe analysis and tips from expert traders, we discovered the ideal exchange. Its name? Coinuma.com

Coinuma is an exchange that provides one of the widest ranges of cryptocurrencies. Furthermore, they provide an easy and reliable user experience. With minimum KYC and a simple trading platform, users can buy ENJ on Coinuma in only a few steps. Based on our analysis, Coinuma appears to be the best platform to buy ENJ on. In the guide below, we will show you how to register and purchase ENJ.

Registering on Coinuma

Registering on Coinuma

Creating an account on Coinuma is incredibly easy and fast. The exchange probably offers one of the fastest, if not the fastest registration process. Moreover, users do not have to provide any sensitive information about themselves at all. The platform is almost completely anonymous. All you have to do is provide an email with a secure password and you’re instantly ready for trading.

To create an account, all you have to do is visit Coinuma.com, click on the ‘Start Now’’ button on the main page. Once clicked, Coinuma will redirect you to the registration process. And don’t worry, you didn’t click the wrong button. As you can see, all it takes to register is only an email address and a secure password. Once you provide the necessary information, Coinuma will request that you confirm your email. The exchange will send a verification link to your email which you only need to click once to get to a login page. Is that really all? Yes, it is! Now that you have finally created an account, you are ready to trade.

Making a deposit

Making a deposit coinuma

How to buy Enjin on Coinuma? You will naturally have to deposit funds first. Since you created an account now you will have no funds, which means that you have to make a deposit. The exchange offers two trading pairs for ENJ: Enjin / Bitcoin and Enjin / Tether (USDT). Therefore, you will have to transfer either Bitcoin or USDT to your wallet on the exchange to trade. If you have another asset that you hold but no longer wish to have, you can also transfer it to Coinuma, exchange it for Bitcoin or USDT, and then trade ENJ.

To make a deposit, you will have to switch to the ‘Deposits’ tab found in the top part of the screen. As you may have noticed already, Coinuma only supports cryptocurrency deposits. For now, they do not support fiat currencies. Essentially, you will be unable to purchase any cryptocurrencies on the exchange using credit cards, wire transfer, or e-wallets such as Paypal. If you do not already have any cryptocurrencies, you should first look for a viable crypto provider. The best option would be to find your nearest Bitcoin ATM or find an exchange that supports fiat deposits and withdrawals.

In the case that you do have cryptocurrencies, then this process is a lot shorter. First, start by searching for either Bitcoin or Tether. Once you found the desired asset, click on deposit. You will find an address on which you can send your assets to. Now, all you have to do is copy the information and deposit your assets to the address shown on the page.

Buying Enjin Coin on Coinuma

Buying Enjin Coin on Coinuma

Now that you have deposited Bitcoin or Tether, you will have to head back to the ‘Exchange’ page. Once you are there, type ‘ENJ’ in the top left part of your screen and select the trading pair you seek. Based on what you deposited, you will have to click on either ENJ/BTC or ENJ/USDT. In this case, we will use the ENJ/BTC pair as an example.

Where to get Enjin on the trading panel? Start by searching for the ENJ/BTC trading pair and then select it. You can also do that by directly visiting the following link: https://coinuma.com/exchange#ENJBTC

You are already halfway there. At this point, buying ENJ is really easy. First, select the amount of ENJ tokens you wish to buy. Alternatively, you can input the desired BTC you wish to spend. After doing that, click on the ‘BUY’ button, and the order will fill instantly depending on whether you made a market or limit order. And that is everything that you had to do. You have now successfully bought ENJ on Coinuma and have the assets safely stored on your online wallet.

Final word

Now that you have completed all these straightforward and easy steps, you finally own the Enjin Coin. If you wish, you can continue by either withdrawing the asset to a different crypto wallet or actively trade the assets on Coinuma. Whatever you do, you are already a proud participant of the ever-growing sector blockchain gaming industry. With your purchase, you have successfully contributed to making decentralized digital collectibles a reality.

Purchasing and trading cryptocurrencies can be hard for some. Doing the perfect trade by finding the most efficient exchange is even harder. With a wide range of cryptocurrency exchanges where each platform offers different pros and cons, it can be difficult to invest at all. A simple question such as where to buy Enjin token (ENJ) can take hours to answer. However, thanks to Coinuma we have found a completely safe and simple exchange on which new investors can participate in the market. Moreover, you will never have to worry about switching to another exchange as Coinuma frequently lists the hottest and newest projects.