Oscar Amstadt

Mar 3, 2021

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SWIPE (SXP) Price Predictions for 2021

Swipe price predictions for 2021 have drawn the attention of both individual and institutional investors. The different platforms have made their coins price projection for the year based on various factors, like its partnership with top cryptocurrency exchanges, etc.

Besides partnering with huge players like Binance and Coinbase, Swipe protocol is moving to create a host of DeFi apps, and it even dropped hints at becoming a bank.

Crypto enthusiasts have evaluated all these and have projected the coin to be a profitable long-term investment. Even I also am not left out. I think that the coins price will increase in the year.

So, I have already bought a considerable amount in Coinuma cryptocurrency exchange — a platform that offers negative fees, which means they pay you to trade with them.

Although I foresee a bullish run in the year, it is also imperative that we look at the opinion of others. It will give you a broader view of any investment decisions regarding the coin. So, let’s look at the swipe price predictions for 2021.

SXP Price Predictions

What is Swipe?

Swipe is a digital application that offers a multi-asset blockchain wallet that allows users to store assets securely. The SXP is the traditional native token of Swipe.

The wallet was designed in a way that it will need the swipe tokens SXP to perform all functions, including using the wallet services to withdraw tokens.

The wallet application allows users of the wallet to buy, sell and pay with their cryptocurrencies to fiat directly, as well as buy gift cards and make instant exchanges between all supported assets. The swipe coin is the primary token used to purchase products on the swipe protocol.

The History and Team Behind Swipe

Swipe was founded by Joselito Lizarondo, a Bitcoin investor with vast knowledge in business start-up. Lizarondo is presently the CEO of the platform. Other notable members include; John Khenneth, who serves as the COO, and Anecita Sotomil, the chief legal officer (CLO). Another team member is Henry Niduaza, who serves as the CTO of the platform.

The team designed the platform to allow users to take complete control over both their crypto and fiat finances through its easy-to-use mobile application and other linked crypto debit cards.

One of the unique features of Swipe is its usability which makes it very easily accessible to users of all experience levels.

Thus, making it a simple task to store and manage cryptocurrencies on the wallet app or making payments using the swipe Visa debit card. Although the coin was developed with a seamless transaction mode, the team is also trying to explore the Defi space further as they develop the swipe network further, incorporating their governance, credit platform, and various other Dapps.

Swipe (SXP) Price Prediction 2021

Although I considered the historical price chart of the digital currencies before drawing my projections, it is good if we look into the opinion of others. Let’s look at the swipe price projections for 2021 by the various platforms.
Swipe price prediction 2021 by Crypto platforms

SXP Price Forecast by Tradingbeasts

Tradingbeasts is a popular platform that a large number of crypto traders know about. The platform is known for analyzing coins and dropping their future price projections.

In the case of Swipe, they didn’t see any obstacles for the coin in the year. Using the historical price chart and a combination of linear and polynomial regressions, they estimate $3.45 as the value of the Swipe coin at the end of 2021.

Although their maximum average price projection for the year is $2.74, all their monthly forecasts for the year show a bullish trend.

Coinpedia’s Prediction for Swipe

Since SXP entered the crypto sphere in August 2019, the value of the coin has increased significantly and has drawn people’s attention. The recent bull run witnessed in the crypto space has further increased the popularity. Coinpedia is among the notable exchange that has dropped its prediction for the year.

From the forecast of this platform, the coin might exchange for $5 by the end of 2021. Their analysis was based on studying various crypto platforms’ predictions and the coin’s historical price chart.

Walletinvestors — “SXP Price Will be $3.09 in 2021”

In Walletinvestor Swipe’s prediction, they think that the digital coin will be a profitable long-term investment. The platform which projects the future price of coins believes that the SXP price will be $3.09 at the end of 2021.

However, there five years projections show a bullish run. So, if you are looking for cryptocurrencies with good ROI, the platform believes that Swipe is one of the best options for you.

Data from the website shows that they arrived at their forecast by technical analysis using the historical price chart.

Digitalcoinprice’s Price Forecast for 2021

This is one of the platforms that have made their swipe price projections for 2021. The Digitalcoinprice analyst sees the coin’s value surging in the year.
They think that investing in Swipe is a profitable investment for the year. The platform’s algorithm predicts that the coin’s price will reach $4.3 by the end of 2021.

Considering several factors, such as the history of the platform and the various cryptocurrency price analysis in the platform, I think it is worth looking into. Who knows, their prediction might even pull through sooner than expected.

Coinarbitragebot Says Swipe Price Will Drop to $2.2

When crypto prediction platforms are ranked, this platform will always have a place in the top 10. The reason is that they have been forecasting the future price of coins for years.

Most often, they give investment advice to those willing to trade the crypto. The website forecast a bearish price trend for SXP in the year 2021.

Based on the coin’s historical price data, Coinarbitragebot experts predicts that swipe price will drop to $2.20 at the end of 2021. However, there three years and above price estimation is bullish.

Crypto-rating’s SXP Prediction for 2021

Crypto-rating.com is one of the platforms that I always look into. That is due to their detailed analysis of the coin before forecasting the future price.
Although the website requires a subscription before you can access their predictions, their free subscription will also expose you to vital information, which will help you make investment decisions regarding the coin.

The platform thinks that SXP is capable of reaching $3.70 before the end of 2021. They took into account the CVIX, which depicts the present price dynamics and offers some hints at the coin’s future possible price. So, the platform forecast a bullish trend for the coin in the year.

Gov.capital — “SXP price to reach $5.25 in 2021”

Although the platform’s predictions are most times outdated, I have considered their swipe price estimation for 2021 because of the thorough explanation of their forecast.

According to the website, the SXP value will increase in the year. They project the SXP price to reach $5.25 in 2021. I think this is highly possible considering the ongoing surge in cryptocurrency.

The platform uses its custom algorithm based on deep learning, which helps users to decide if SXP is a profitable investment. What caught my attention was their future price projections which are above $20. Looking back to their weird forecasts on coins and relating it with the current bullish run, I think nothing is impossible.

Price Forecast by Pickacrypto

I consider this prediction useful because of the factors they considered in their Swipe future price estimation. The Pickacrypto platform used the support/resistance, trendlines, moving averages, and simple indicators like the RSI in their swipe price projections.

According to the website, with these factors, you can predict the future price of a coin for 3 to 12 months. They think that the Swipe price could reach somewhere around $3 to $8 in 2021. Looking at this forecast’s timestamp, I think you should consider it because the platform’s projection is already showcasing.

Considering the many projects coming out of the crypto space, it is essential that you analyze the projects before investing to avoid loss of funds.

Now, I will like to check the individual forecast from Twitter for the coin in the year.

SXP price Prediction 2021 from Twitter Users


Andy is a crypto trader who has a telegram channel where he talks about different coins. In his tweet on the first day of 2021, he forecasted various coins’ prices for the year 2021.

Swipe is among the coins. According to him, the digital coins price might reach $10 by the end of the year. “2021 Price Prediction $TOMO $20 / $VIDT $15 / $AVAX $10 / $ALGO $3 / $OMG $15 / $BAT $3 / $ZRX $4 / $RSR $0.3 / $OCEAN $5 / $ENJ $2 / $SOL $15 / $ROSE $0.5 / $SXP $10… #RT What is your?”

The user did not only forecast the coins’ worth; he also went ahead to ask his followers to drop their own swipe price estimations for the year. His tweet drew a lot of comments.


The Twitter user made various coins projections for the year 2021. According to him, the forecast is his vision for the year. He thinks that the SXP price will reach $30 by the end of the year. “Price predictions TIME 2021 EOY : $TOMO : 1$ / $ADA : 3$ /$BTC : 65k$ / $ETH : 5K$ / $ICX : 16$ / $TEL : 1.5$ / $LTC : 850$ / $XLM : 2.50$ / $DGCL : 4$ / $DOT : 130$ / $OMG : 80$ / $SXP : 30$ Let’s see if this tweet ages well ! This is just my vision, #DYOR”

Some of the users who comment on Twitter think that most of the coins cannot reach the user’s projections for the year. We will see who is right when 2021 ends.


I think this is the best forecast that I have encountered so far. The Twitter user made 2021 price projections of five cryptocurrencies; BTC, ETH, BNB, DOT, SXP. This price estimation was made in August last year.

So far, his bitcoin and ETH predictions have come to pass. As for the SXP, he thinks that the coin might reach $100 by the end of the year. “2021 bull market price predictions: $BTC 50,000 $ / $ETH 2,000 / $DOT 120 $ / $BNB 200 $ / $SXP 100$”

Although I might disagree with his SXP forecast I can’t dispute the fact that his other predictions are damn good.


This user made this projection in August 2020 when the bullish run had not started. SXP is among the 13 cryptocurrencies he made their 2021 price forecast.

He tagged his prediction “2021 Ultra super omega Bull Run price Prediction,” which means that he was highly optimistic that there would be a cryptocurrency bull run in the year.

I think I will give him a point for that. From his estimation, he feels that the Swipe price will reach $35 by the end of 2021. “2020–2021 Ultra Super Omega Bull Run Price Predictions: $SXP $35 — God mode. / $OMG $25 — THE RETURN. /$DIA $20 …Manifesting it as we speak.”

The responses that accompanied the tweet were all majorly doubting or disagreeing with the Twitter user. However, I wonder what their response will be when last year's response is shown to them today. I think this one might come to pass soon.

Let us look at the YouTube price prediction too.

YouTube Swipe Price Prediction 2021

Several YouTubers have dropped their opinion on Swipe for the year. Let’s look at some of them.

Crypto Ellis

The Youtuber looked into the SXP’s historical price chart and the various innovations going on in the platform before making his prediction.

The user thinks that with the current increase in the demand for the Swipe coin, the price could reach $10, $20, or $40 by the end of the year. The user also went ahead to say his predicted market cap for the coin at the end of 2021. You can check it on his YouTube channel.

Top Things to Know

According to this YouTube channel, Swipe has made a remarkable improvement since its launch. So many platforms have been linked to the coin, such as Coinbase, Binance. It means that the coin has the capacity to increase in value in the year.

The YouTube channel thinks that the SXP price might reach $6 before the end of the year. The channel used the pickcrypto forecast method in their analysis and prediction.


Having shown you the predictions from both the crypto platforms and individual predictions. I think we can say that the majority forecast a bullish run in the cryptocurrency for the year.

From the Swipe price projections for 2021 so far, the highest value was from Polkadog, a Twitter user who thinks that Swipe is capable of reaching $100 in the year. In contrast, The lowest value was from Coinarbitragebot, which forecasted $2.20. But in summary, what we can deduce is that all of them agreed that the coin’s value will increase in the future.

I believe that the above forecasts will give you clues that will help you to make any investment decisions on the coin for the year. I would like to hear your personal opinion regarding the coins price below.