Ocean Protocol Price Prediction for 2021

The Ocean Protocol is a project which seeks to create a decentralized data exchange that can unlock data for artificial intelligence. It is getting more and more popular, and many new investors are looking for Price Ocean price predictions that can give them an idea about further price movements.

I’ve collected different forecasts that I’ve found on Youtube, Twitter, and some crypto price prediction websites.

The majority of these websites used the token’s historical price chart, whereas others considered the impact of the innovations on the coin’s price in the year.

With the massive growth in data been collected, there is the potential for companies to use them and also for firms to monetize it. However, most of the data today is simply wasted. It is unused by organizations that could benefit from it via using it for their operational planning.

That’s because of the closure of most of the data collection systems, which prevents sharing data across internal and external business units. These are the issues that the founders of Ocean protocol considered before developing the decentralized exchange data to make data storage and sharing easy.

In this Ocean price prediction article, I will also look into the individual forecast from Twitter and YouTube. Most of these crypto traders have relayed their opinion about Ocean protocol end-of-the-year value.

For me, I have bought the token on Coinuma crypto exchange. The exchange is new and offers negative fees to traders — like paying you to trade with them.

I invested in Ocean because I believe the cryptocurrency will likely have a bullish price trend in the year. Well, let’s get started by looking into what Ocean protocol is all about.

What is Ocean Protocol?

Ocean Protocol is a decentralized data exchange protocol that allows individuals and businesses to share and monetize data while ensuring full control, transparency, auditability, and compliance to all the parties involved.

The Ocean protocol will enable publishers to monetize their data while ensuring total privacy and control. Also, consumers can access datasets that were previously unavailable or hard to find. All these datasets can be seen on the Ocean market, which users have access to purchase and later sold or consumed.

Each of the data services is represented on the Ocean protocol by a unique data-token which is used to enclose a dataset or compute to data service — this invariably gives permission to third parties to perform operations on the data without it moving away from the secure enclave of the publisher.

The Ocean community houses a broad cross-section of individuals, from Al/data developers to businesses and non-profit corporations to crypto enthusiasts who believe in the future proposed by Ocean protocol.

What is OCEAN Token?

OCEAN is the native governance token of the protocol. The token is used for staking on data, buying and selling of data in the Ocean market. The data-token price is set by an Ocean data-token Automated market maker (AMM) pool, which adjusts the data-token price as it is bought and sold based on the demand and supply.

In terms of security, the OCEAN is an ERC -20 token that is operating on the Ethereum blockchain. This means that it is backed by Ethereum’s proof of work (PoW) mining and node network, which protects it against attacks.

OCEAN Price Predictions for 2021

Ocean protocol has seen tremendous fundamental developments since the beginning of the year. Earlier in the year, it was listed on the Kraken cryptocurrency exchange, and it also entered into a collaboration with Benchmark protocol. All these remarkable achievements could increase the value of the token in the year. And this has also led to various speculations regarding the token value in the year.

Different cryptocurrency price prediction websites have made their Ocean price forecasts for 2021. I will be looking into most of them soon. However, remember that these are just suggestions and should not be taken as investment advice. Let’s see what these websites say about Ocean value in the year.


According to Tradingbeasts, Ocean will trade at an average price of $1.77 by the end of 2021. The website forecast the minimum price of $1.50 and a maximum price of $2.21 by the end of the year.

The website is bullish on the OCEAN token. However, at the end of 2022, they see the price falling slightly to $1.4. This prediction means that Ocean might be a profitable short-term investment.

Tradingbeasts also clarifies that its projections are just a suggestion and not investment advice.


This is yet another widely known website which talks about the future price of cryptocurrencies, forex, real estate, stock market, etc.

The website looks into the historical data of cryptocurrencies before projecting the future price. In the case of Ocean, Gov.capital are highly bullish.

The analysts of the website see the tokens value increasing to $3.67 in the year. That means if you invest any amount in Ocean, it is likely to double by the end of the year.

In there 5 years estimation, they are also bullish. It means that Gov.capital analysts believe that Ocean protocol is a profitable long- and short-term investment. The website posted a detailed analysis of their prediction, which you can check out.


Crypto-rating presents a detailed Ocean price prediction for 2021 that gives a better insight into the cryptocurrency’s current market situation, the future expectations concerning the price action, and the Ocean protocol market capitalization.

With this, you will get a better understanding of what is going on in the crypto market, adjust your trading strategy and make investment and trading decisions.

According to the website, the Ocean price can reach $2 by the end of the year. Their long-term projection is also bullish. This means the cryptocurrency will be a profitable long- and short-term investment.

The website used the reading of the CVIX, which depicts the present price dynamics and offers hints into the future possible price in their prediction.


Walletinvestor sees Ocean cryptocurrency as a profitable investment in the year. The team behind Walletinvestors believes the price will likely reach $2.53 — making it an excellent long-term (1 year) investment.

If you are looking for a cryptocurrency with a good return on investment (ROI), Ocean can be a profitable investment option.

The website’s long-term prediction sees the coin reaching $6 in 5 years, making it both long- and short-term profitable investment.


The analysts in Digitalcoinprice consider the historical price and the future innovations before making their cryptocurrency predictions.

Digitalcoinprice is bullish on the OCEAN token in the year. Their Ocean protocol price prediction for 2021 estimates the coin to reach $2.17 in the year.

In 5 years, they project the Ocean protocol to reach $5. So, according to their data, for Digitalcoinprice Ocean too will be a profitable short- and long-term investment.


Based on the Ocean protocol historical price data, Coinarbitragebot experts predict the Ocean price to fall to $0.97 at the end of 2021. In the next five years, the coin could reach an estimated price of $6.97.

This website is bullish on the long run and bearish on the short run. The website also did a detailed Ocean protocol analysis and Ocean price prediction for 2021 which provides you with more valuable comprehensive data of their price estimation.


This is also another popular website that focuses on predicting the future price of cryptocurrencies. The Cryptocurrencypriceprediction has posted its Ocean price prediction, which is bullish.

Accordingly, they foresee Ocean price increasing to $4.1 by the end of the year. Also, The Cryptocurrencypriceprediction team see it reaching $22 in the next 5 years. With this forecast, I can say that this website is highly optimistic about a price increase in the year. They considered the historical price data in their future estimation.


This website studied the OCEAN token price data and made its future estimation. They are bullish on the long and short term and also gave reasons while Ocean will do well in the long term.

The priceprediction.info sees the OCEAN token reaching $2.5 before the end of 2021. So, if you hodl, Ocean will be a profitable investment in the year. And if you are considering long term investment on the token, the priceprediction.info forecast gives you the green light to proceed.

From the website predictions, we have seen so far, over 90 percent agree that Ocean protocol price will rise in the future. Apart from Coinarbitragebot that forecasts a bearish run in the year, others see it as a profitable short-term investment.

However, I will like to look into individual opinions from YouTube and Twitter. Most of these Twitter users are crypto traders, enthusiasts, or pundits who pay closer attention to the token.

Ocean Price Forecasts for 2021 on Twitter

Many Twitter users have posted their Ocean price predictions for 2021; I will look into most of them.


In his price prediction, the Twitter user Bitcoinprophet1 forecasted that Ocean price might reach $35 by the end of the year. The cryptocurrency is among the over 15 coins that the user made their future price projection. “My price predictions for EOY 2021: $XRP $.001 / $BTC $215,000 / $ETH $18,500 / $DOT $125 / $RSR $4 / $DAG $3 / $HNT $17 / $NOIA $ $10 / $LINK $1000 / $Ocean $35…”

From the comments I have read so far, the majority agreed with most of his forecast. Some went as far as dropping their own price estimations in the comment section.


Hayes made a couple of coins forecast in the year. Among them is Ocean. In his Ocean protocol forecast, he projects $30. “Couple price predictions for the 2021 Bull market #bitcoin: $Band: $75 / $Coti: $2.50 / $Ocean: $30 / $HTR: $35…”


This is one of the essential tweets that drew my attention. In the tweet, the user said, “My $Ocean price prediction for the end of 2021 is $10. What’s yours?”.

Most of the users that commented said $25. $30, $50, $60, $100 etc. One certain thing is that they all predict a bullish price trend of Ocean protocol in the year.

Paul Hyland

The Twitter user made his 2021 golden bull run cryptocurrency price prediction of some coins. The forecast was based on the bull run witnessed at the beginning of the year. “Looking for 2021 peak #GoldenBullrun price predictions pls🚀🌙 Heres mine: $BTC $80–100K / $ETH $4–5K * / $XRP $0.10–0.12 / $LTC $1.5–2K / $DOT $120–150 / $BNB $110–130 / $LINK $250–350 * / $Ocean $20–30…= I own”

In his Ocean price prediction for 2021, Paul Hyland forecast the coin’s price to increase to $20 to $30 in the year. Most of those that commented agreed with the user’s estimations.

History of Ocean Protocol

Ocean protocol was founded by Bruce Pon, who is also the CEO of the platform. Before founding the Ocean protocol, Pon was also the founder and CEO at BigchainDB. Pon has extensive knowledge in the financial sector and even project management. Another co-founder is Trent McConaghy, an experienced engineer, and AI expert who was a former Canadian government employee.

There is also Cristina Pon, a marketing director at both Ocean Protocol and BigchainDB, and Razvan Olteanu, who has years of experience in technical management in a senior role. These individuals have accomplished great things in the tech and financial sector independently.

Ocean protocol also has a large and diverse team of professionals dedicated to the goal of freeing data through the use of artificial intelligence. The platform has advisors, many of which are experts in various fields such as; Project management, big data, AI, Blockchain, business, and marketing, etc.

Ocean Protocol could break barriers in the year

Currently, big data such as blockchain is still developing. There is still a lot to be explored, developed, and enhanced. If you consider these advances in machine learning and AI coupled with the hunger to make algorithm feeds reliable and trusted, it means that Ocean protocol built by a team that is grounded in entrepreneurship is moving in the right direction.

The project will solve many data issues in the future. The protocol provides the tools needed for firms to build and launch their own data market through forking the Ocean protocol or other means. These are a plus to the project, leading to positive reviews and forecasts on the cryptocurrency.

ost of the crypto prediction websites agreed that the OCEAN token value will increase in 2021. The highest forecast came from a Twitter user, Bitcoinprophet1, who sees the coin’s value reaching $35 in the year. In the same vein, the lowest forecast came from Coinarbitragebot, which estimates that Ocean value will fall to $0.97 in the year but rise in the long term.

One thing that I saw from the predictions and the comments that followed is that majority sees the Ocean value surging in the long and short term. Some have bought the token and hodl while waiting for the bullish moment.

What is your Ocean protocol price prediction for 2021? Drop your comment below.




Absolute libertarian. I enjoy responsibility and freedom. Cryptocurrency specialist. Writer, consultant, and (true) entrepreneur.

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Oscar Amstadt

Oscar Amstadt

Absolute libertarian. I enjoy responsibility and freedom. Cryptocurrency specialist. Writer, consultant, and (true) entrepreneur.

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