How to Buy Ocean Protocol? Where to Get it?

More and more cryptocurrency investors are curious about how to buy Ocean Protocol and well, that’s not very surprising. Ocean Protocol is an exciting new project looking to provide an ecosystem for the data economy and associated services, with a tokenized service layer that securely exposes data, storage, compute, and algorithms for consumption.

Before we provide information about exchanges where you can get Ocean Protocol, lets first discuss a little bit more about this project and reasons why it is worth investing in.

For those who’re impatient, here is the quick list of cryptocurrency exchanges where you can find and buy Ocean Protocol:

  1. Coinuma
  2. Bittrex
  3. Kucoin
  4. HotBit
  5. Uniswap

However, I it will be good if you read the whole article and get better idea about the project and exchanges where its tokens are available.

Nowadays everything is being advanced, particularly technology, in the rapidly changing world. The present time has more interconnected the world than in the past. It is porous, fast-paced fluid, and is now surely a better place. Though, as it is said: The responsibility comes with the authority. In this case, with advancement, comes the overwhelming data amount.

Over the last few years, the role of data in business operations nowadays is changing drastically. Data has advanced into a strategic asset for every company being successful is no more a side-effect of businesses that are modernized. Each part of organizations and enterprises creates data including consumer data and financial data; it is collected at an exponentially growing rate. Recent research reports that by 2025, more than 160 Zettabyte (ZB) of data is estimated to be produced. In 2016, putting it into perspective, it was approximately 16 ZB.

It will be fair saying that data as a technology is a Blockchain and the future. This “gem” is being secured from nefarious elements apart from only leveling the application depending field and making it transparent. However, still, the room is available for more. The ecosystem would be enhanced by interoperability, which pulls down compartmentalizing walls. There is a problem with the data in the present. Unless otherwise an avenue is created for data to be used efficiently for the purpose of machine learning, through the protocol given by innovators, it will possibly stir degradation by the technological lagoon.

Data is required for working on AI and its machine learning algorithms. It does not mean that algorithms do not matter, it is just that, coming up with better results through more and better data. More data, and more capacity of computing for training the algorithms using data, is actually fueling the growth of AI. Anyone, in order to be successful in the desire of training an algorithm to address any problem for the application of AI in any domain, must have the ability to collect more relevant data.

That data can be private data that the organization generates and owns to develop the application, public data, or private data that third parties acquire. There is no issue regarding public data. Privately owned data needs to be collected and processed according to data protection laws. But what about data privately owned by third parties? Usually, for good reasons, application developers cannot access that. And rightly so, why would you trust anyone with your private data?

Aim of the Ocean Protocol is to solve this problem. It unlocks the data to drive AI. An ecosystem is built for a data economy with a service layer, that is tokenized, by which data is securely exposed, stored, computed, and algorithms to consume.

What is Ocean Protocol? Is it a Good Investment?

Ocean Protocol is a data exchange protocol decentralized to unlock data for AI. Ocean protocol connects consumers and data providers through blockchain technology, contracts smart token, allowing them to share data with guaranteed transparency, traceability, involving the trust of stakeholders.

It enables owners of data to control the data assets and give them value without being bound to a particular marketplace. Ocean protocol commits to kicking start a new economy of data that involves every person, device, and company that enables people to get value from data for innovating the world. It does it by bringing together a data-sharing framework, decentralized blockchain technology, and an ecosystem for data and associated services.

By tactically getting a part of the data market, Ocean protocol will reveal the space of data from a planetary level, equalize this space and ultimately generate a leveling source for companies to access data for purpose of machine learning in an affordable, private and controlled manner, regardless of individuals, financial muscle or size. It solves problems relevant to data using the following strategy:

  • Ocean Protocol allows us to share, monetize, and consume the data in a transparent and secure manner and by building the infrastructure. There are Curated Proof markets supposed at the Ocean. They form the basis for an open data marketplace in order to bring together service providers, data consumers, and data providers, providing them with an opportunity of buying and selling data in a safe manner.
  • Ocean Protocol enables us to apply AI algorithms and models to data, get training, and then leave without revealing the data or copying it. It allows the owner to get comfortable sharing data without having the fear of data being insecure.
  • Attempts made previously to develop such marketplaces frequently failed, due to the requirement of high sufficient data value by technological approach with the purpose of making it valuable for all the concerned parties. Blockchain technology changed it. Ocean protocol can connect data owners with less effort to the developers and researchers working on data-hungry projects. It can be done by leveraging the possibilities of smart contracts and blockchain technology for digitizing transactional processes.
  • Now an efficient and scalable ecosystem is possible to build, for developing data marketplaces, where the data value can be much lesser because the smart contracts support this process. It means that the economy of data can be formed on a global basis where data price is fair and it easily gets unlocked.
  • Ocean Protocol is dedicated to provoking a new Data Economy that has access to every single company and device and individual, providing data owners with the power, allowing them to reap data value to make the world better. Environments of controlled data negatively influence technology growth, mainly in areas like AI.
  • Ocean has the most influential aspect of their approach to developing not just a single-use case but an entire ecosystem for data. In this way, the protocol is built and obviously, this provides many opportunities to grow the system to meet the changing demands of various industries, when data management and sharing is required.

By this time you will wonder where to can buy this exciting coin, so here top five exchanges are listed where you can spend in Ocean Protocol:

Where Can You Buy Ocean Protocol?

By now you will be wondering where you can buy Ocean Protocol, so let’s get started with the list of top 5 exchanges where you can invest in Ocean Protocol:

1. Coinuma

Coinuma is a business idea which offers services to those who are interested in contributing to the digital economy in a safe and easy way, it is committed to the exchange of cryptocurrencies and tokens.

Developing a positive community that drives in the same direction is the strategy of their business. Their vision is to gain a position in the crypto market by strengthening their current situation by gaining access to ignored regions and refining their offers in the current ones. This is the reason their mission focuses on offering great services to their customers, moreover, they also aim to provide access to the small projects along with the main cryptocurrencies that are not given much attention until now.

Their ocean protocol is registered on their platforms as well.

This exchange intends to be the travel partner. Providing effective ease to their customers is their determination. They offer you to invest your money in an easy way and smooth experience with hurdles or redundant steps. This platform is easy to use where you can have simple purchasing to advance trading, they also allow you to exchange your cryptocurrencies without any effort.

As the major section of the funds is stored in the cold wallet, this makes this platform secure by its design. Including the ocean protocol, it offers you a wide range of cryptocurrencies, to those customers who want a new thing every day.

How to buy Ocean Protocol on Coinuma?

You can visit for buying Ocean Protocol with USDT or for buying Ocean protocol with Bitcoin.

This exchange is perhaps the best place where you can buy Ocean Protocol tokens.

2. Bittrex

A US-based exchange named Bittrex aims to focus on security by using the most effective and reliable technologies that are available. The establishing team which has over 40 years includes computer security experts in their combined experience have prioritized security in their decisions for development.

Bittrex is a flexible place where they have multistage strategies of wallets in which 80 to 90 percent of funds are saved online. Meanwhile, two-factor authentication is necessary for the customers to withdraw money and API calls, a limit is enforced on the customers if they have not activated this without 2FA setup. Moreover, it has not lost any customers or suffered from any breaches or lost any customer funds.

Trading is the main services platform of Bittrex. They have a wide range of currencies at this platform and it allows for standard commercial trading orders to be performed. The existing trading system effortlessly glues together the features of automated trading like a good ‘till canceled (GTC), stop loss, an immediate buy or selling with all the standard technical tools that traders require. Customers continuously praise the interface of exchanging trading for quick loading time with no hurdles of lagging or hanging. However, Bittrex has no option for margin trading.

How to get Ocean Protocol on Bittrex?

For buying this token on Bittrex, you can visit the following links: for buying it with USDT or if you wish to exchange Bitcoin for Ocean Protocol.

3. Kucoin

KuCoin is a well-known name it he crypto world, as it has made itself capable of trading for all kinds of crypto operations. It was established in August 2017, with over 400 markets and 200 exchange rates of cryptocurrencies including the Ocean Protocol, it is positioned as one of the most colorful online crypto centers.

It offers a slick interface, a wider variety of cryptocurrencies, bank-level security, a built-in P2P exchange, beginner-friendly UX, instant exchange services, future, and margin trading, offers to take part in fresh initial exchange offerings (IEOs) through KuCoin, ability to buy crypto with debit or credit card, ability to get crypto by staking of ending using its X-pool, it is cheap, and many more! Due to the KuCoin tendency to list small-cap cryptocurrencies with remarkable upside potential, most of the investors like it, and substantial profit-sharing encouragements of up to 90 percent of trading cost go back to the investors through its KuCoin token shares (KCS).

This user-friendly exchange offers low withdrawal fees and trading fees along with the opportunity to buy crypto with authorization. Users can also get stakes and crypto profits.

Pages on Kucoin Dedicated to Ocean Protocol

If you want to buy it for Bitcoin please visit or go to to buy Ocean Protocol with Tether.

4. HotBit

Hotbit is a cryptocurrency trading exchange currently based in Shanghai and Taipei with its core leadership team from China, USA and Taiwan. It is one more cryptocurrency exchange where you can buy Ocean Protocol.

It is a legit crypto exchange that has accumulated over 1.5 million registered users from more than 170 countries and areas all over the world. It has become one of the fastest growing exchanges in the world since its official opening in terms of daily traded volume.

It is one of the safest exchanges as well — There have been no major security incidents, hacks or loss of user’s assets on Hotbit The exchange’s website mentions that it provides the highest level of security features to protect funds of its users from compromise. The exchange claims that it provides the following security measures:

· Multi-level firewall system to monitor system data

· Cold wallet storage solution to protect customer funds

· 2 Factor authentication to increase user security

Hotbit offers a wide range of cryptos to be traded which includes Ocean Protocol as well. It has previously been ranked at №3 among all exchanges regarding the number of types of cryptocurrency projects listed. It offers trading of up to 156 crypto pairs with a variety of altcoins, advanced trading features and charting tools.

How can I buy Ocean Protocol on HotBit?

If you’re interested in buying Ocean protocol, you can do so at Hotbit through following links: is the right page for those who want to buy it with BTC and is for those who wants to invest Ethereum in Ocean Protocol.

5. Uniswap

Uniswap is a fully decentralized protocol for automated liquidity provision on Ethereum. It empowers developers, liquidity providers and traders to participate in a financial marketplace that is open and accessible to all.

The permission less DEX allows you to trade Ocean Protocol or any other Ethereum-based tokens directly through a web 3 wallet without any deposits or withdrawals to a centralized order book. Better yet, Uniswap’s liquidity pools have little to no price impact for the vast majority of transactions. Users do not have to worry about KYC, custody, or phishing. By leveraging smart contracts, Uniswap is able to offer autonomous on-chain transactions at marginal costs.

Uniswap has officially been upgraded to Uniswap V2 this year — a new and improved version of the exchange featuring ERC20 <> ERC20 token pools, native price oracle, and Flash Swaps. Compared to other DEX competitors, Uniswap has a number of advantages for small-traders. Specifically, It has no listing fees, requires no native tokens and some of the cheapest gas cost of any DEX.

How can you buy Ocean Protocol on Uniswap:

Simply go to and get your Ocean tokens. Just pick which token you want to exchange for Ocean Protocol and swap them. If unsure how to use Uniswap, please read this guide.


Ocean Project has the potential to succeed and truly establish the next generation of Big Data infrastructure.

Innovative technological ideas and a highly skilled team with favorable industry connections have indeed laid the ground works for Ocean Protocol to succeed in the future, but the chance of poor execution still exists, as this is a general risk when investing in early-stage projects.

If you are willing to take that risk and invest in Ocean Protocol token, we believe that one of the above 5 sites should be your go-to-option for buying it.




Absolute libertarian. I enjoy responsibility and freedom. Cryptocurrency specialist. Writer, consultant, and (true) entrepreneur.

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Oscar Amstadt

Oscar Amstadt

Absolute libertarian. I enjoy responsibility and freedom. Cryptocurrency specialist. Writer, consultant, and (true) entrepreneur.

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