Function X Price Prediction for 2021

Function X is a cryptocurrency with a very broad vision. It is a cryptocurrency that aims to develop an independent and decentralized ecosystem that doesn’t depend on human resources or organization to function. In this article, we’re going to talk about Function x price predictions for 2021 with the goal to help potential investors to get a better idea about possible returns and risks.

My primary focus would be on the opinion of individuals such as Twitter users and YouTubers and the forecast of cryptocurrency price prediction websites.

Function X is a cryptocurrency made up of a futuristic team that has observed what is happening in the internet world and is looking towards decentralizing the internet and making it more secure, efficient, and worth using by every individual.

Presently, the monopoly and centralization of the current system, which makes data information unsecured, has made lots of people lose confidence in the activities on the internet. Some see the internet as insecure because of privacy issues. These are most of the things the team wants to solve.

In this Function X prediction article, I will also be analyzing the various forecasts so as to give you a clear understanding of the coin. Remember that these forecasts are only a suggestion of the future possible price and not investment advice.

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Let’s start by looking into the meaning of the cryptocurrency.

What is Function X?

Function X is a cryptocurrency token that operates on the Ethereum platform. It employs a Proof of Work/Proof of Stake consensus protocol and 10-minute block times. It is an ecosystem built mainly for and on a blockchain.

The project is totally decentralized and secure, which means that the application source code, transmission protocol and hardware can be part of the decentralized network. The FX network consists of five elements; operating system (OS), public blockchain, FXTP, FX docker and IPFS.

The project seeks to establish an independent and decentralized ecosystem that will ensure efficiency and transparency. The Function X operating system (OS) will enable smart hardware and Io’s to gain from the massive potential utility of decentralized world.

Furthermore, Function X will upgrade the current conventional system of the internet and build all the necessary infrastructures that will allow the internet to be decentralized from the central monopoly.

What is FX?

FX is the native governance token of the network. The token can be purchased in several cryptocurrency exchanges such as; Coinbase, Kucoin, etc.

The token plays a vital role in the project’s ecosystem. It is the underlying currency within the FX ecosystem, which is decentralized in terms of its distribution, allocation, control, circulation, and the way it is being generated. Users will use the token to pay fees for using the decentralized function X network’s services.

The mechanism behind the tokens generation is the Proof of Service (PoS) concept. The Token generation event (TGE) generated 20% of the total FX coin supply during launch. The rest will be generated through PoS and be given out to the service providers over 15 years.

Function X Price Predictions

The Pundi X team’s goal is to develop the Function X ecosystem, which is designed to be open-source, scalable, secure, and fully decentralized for companies and developers to build on — building a future where users will genuinely control and own their data.

It is one of the things that the majority of internet users are clamoring for over the years. The FX project seems to have a promising future with the things the project seeks to solve.

The various cryptocurrency price prediction websites have made their Function X price prediction for 2021. Most of these websites used their in-house price estimation algorithm, while others considered the projects historical price data in their forecast.

Like most of them said, their analysis is only a suggestion and not investment advice.

Let’s look into the FX forecasts by these platforms.

Digitalcoinprice’s Forecast

This is one of the websites that I look up to when checking the future price of a cryptocurrency. The Digitalcoinprice focuses on giving a detailed analysis and forecast of a coin. In the case of FX, they are slightly bullish.

Accordingly, Digitalcoinprice project the Function X price prediction to be $0.63 by the end of the year. Also, in the next 5 years, the price could reach $1.29. That is, Function X is a profitable long- and short-term investment. Digitalcoinprice also went ahead to give a detailed analysis of the coin, including representing their prediction graphically.

This is one of the websites that most YouTubers use in their price projection video reviews. So, it would help if you looked into their forecast closely.

Walletinvestors Price Prediction

On this website, they see Function X as a bad 1-year investment. In their forecast, the FX value will fall to $0.24 by the end of the year. Also, in 5 years, it will trade at $0.38.

Considering the value of the coin during the altcoin season at the beginning of the year and the increasing surge in cryptocurrency values, I think this forecast doesn’t look suitable for short- and long-term investment. However, the website said that FX could be a profitable long-term investment.

There 6 years prognosis also shows a price increase. Going further, the website wrote a detailed analysis of the Function X cryptocurrency, including analyzing the FX historical price data.’s Prediction for Function X analysts agree with Digitalcoinprice of a possible FX price increase in the year. However, their forecast doesn’t look bullish in the year. In their Function X price prediction, they estimate the coins price to be an average of $0.31 by the end of the year.

In the next 5 years, the price of Function X could reach as high as $1.7. This makes it a profitable long-term investment if you hodl the cryptocurrency. Also, the website looked into the innovations and the features of the project before dropping there forecast.

Coinarbitragebot’s Function X Price Forecast

Using FX’s historical price data, the Coinarbitragebot experts predict that the coins price could be $0.27 by the end of 2021. And in three years, it could rise to $1.98.

The website did not give any investment advice concerning the token. But following this prediction, FX will be an excellent long term (3 years and above) investment.

Analyzing there forecast further, we can see that it doesn’t look suitable for short term investment but looks promising in the long term. You can find more information about FX coin future price, and the coins target price data on the website.

Tradingbeasts Bearish Forecast

Their forecast doesn’t look promising in long and short-term investment.

At the end of December 2021, they project the FX price to cap at an average price of $0.27 with a maximum price of $0.34 and a minimum price of $0.23.

Although nobody can predict the future, but with the ongoing surge in cryptocurrency and the various innovations going on in the crypto space, I don’t see this prediction as profitable in the long and short term.

One exciting thing about the website is its monthly price projections, which will give you clues about cryptocurrencies price movement for future investment.

This is yet another website that believes that Function X price will fall in the year. The platform, which is widely known for forecasting the future price of commodities, stock market, cryptocurrency and real estate, sees FX as a bad short- and long-term investment.

The website sees the coin’s price falling below $0.1 in the year. used their custom algorithm based on deep learning that helps users to decided if a cryptocurrency will be a bad portfolio addition or not in their FX price forecast for 2021.

Analyzing the platforms' FX price predictions, I can see that majority are skeptical about short-term investment. Over 70% consider the price stabilizing in the year and not increasing.

Some see it as neutral, while few think it could become a profitable investment in the year. feels that there is no future for the coin (likely outdated prediction).

But in the long term, the websites see the digital coin price increasing.

Let’s see what the individuals from YouTube and Twitter will say and know if they have a contrary opinion.

Function X Price Forecast for 2021 from Twitter

On Twitter, some users have made their FX price prediction. Let’s look into them.


The Twitter user wondered if the buyback price could be set at $0.25 — $0.3 as it will accelerate the platform’s growth. “$Fx grows much slower than $npxs, this is not fair. It will right to accelerate growth and set the buyback price not lower than $0.25–0.3 usd — that was the conversion price 2 years ago! Better yet, it would be to launch the network in Q1 / 2021!”

A user who responded to the tweet believes the FX price will boom like crazy in the future, considering the various partnerships it is entering.

Youtubers and their Function X price prediction for 2021

Token Metrics

The review and prediction of Function X were made by this youtube channel last year. In the review, the YouTuber thinks that the coin’s price might likely increase by 5x in the future.

One of the things that drew my attention to this video is the comments. One of the users who commented on the video forecast that FX price will reach $0.1 by March 2021. But did that happen in march? Another user also thinks that it could get to $1 in future.

Unfortunately, there are no many individual reviews about the cryptocurrency. But I will keep monitoring the Function X cryptocurrency and update this post as time goes on.

History of Function X Cryptocurrency

The Function X project was built with the goal of being completely decentralized, including its own ownership. So, it is highly autonomous and owned by no one. Pundi X Labs created it.

The Pundi X project is led by an experienced team that has enjoyed a high level of success in the cryptocurrency industry. As professional players, they came out with a new initiative which is known as Function X blockchain. The team has done a great job with this unique ecosystem by looking for ways to integrate the cryptocurrency payment option into the existing centralized system across the globe.

The ecosystem is secured as users have complete control of their data. No one, whether a third party, ISP’s or even network nodes, can control, limit or spy on your data. Only the user of the private key can encrypt, send or destroy information in the network.

Pundi X is a blockchain company that is building a new era of decentralized world to improve our everyday life. The company was founded in 2017 and is located in Singapore, south-east Asia. The company was co-founded by Zac Cheah, Danny Lim, and Pitt Huang, with Constantin Papadimitriou as the president.

Function X could be a worthwhile investment

Function X is a big company with unlimited potentials. The company’s goals and objective are very robust, and they have already started accomplishing most of them. Therefore, it is no doubt that FX will soon begin to attract huge followers because of the unique product and services they are offering. And the more people are using their product and services, the higher the company’s popularity will increase, leading to the FX token value increasing. So, it is very wise to look into this project as it might yield value in the future.

In the Function X price prediction for 2021 that we have seen so far, the majority considers the tokens value rising in the long run but a bad 1-year investment. The highest projection I saw so far came from Digitalcoinprice, which is $0.63, while gave the lowest prediction, which is that the token will fall below $0.1. However, one thing to take from these forecasts is that they all see a future in the Function X cryptocurrency. In your own opinion, do you think that FX value will increase in the year? Drop your comment below.




Absolute libertarian. I enjoy responsibility and freedom. Cryptocurrency specialist. Writer, consultant, and (true) entrepreneur.

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Oscar Amstadt

Oscar Amstadt

Absolute libertarian. I enjoy responsibility and freedom. Cryptocurrency specialist. Writer, consultant, and (true) entrepreneur.

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