ETH Price Prediction for 2021

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Ethereum Price Prediction 2021

The cryptocurrency space has witnessed unprecedented growth since the beginning of the year. Ethereum (ETH) is one of the leading cryptocurrencies that have witnessed this growth, and that’s why I have decided to look into the Ethereum price predictions for 2021.

Many people have attributed these growths to the effect of inflation ravaging various countries’ economies.

The ETH price, which was trading below $1000 in December 2020, has seen a big rise — surpassing $1000 in the year.

This rise has led to various speculations about the coin in the year.

In this ETH price prediction article, I will be looking into what the various cryptocurrency prediction websites have to say regarding the coin in the year. Many of them have aired their view about Ethereum in the year. Also, I will look into the individual opinions from Twitter and YouTube.

But what is my own opinion regarding the Ethereum coin in 2021? Well, I forecast a bullish run, and I have already bought more spot ETH on Coinuma, a EU-based crypto exchange that offers negative fees — that is, they pay you to trade with them. You can check it out.

But before we get started, let’s look into the basics of Ethereum.

What is Ethereum?

Ethereum is an open-source blockchain platform that lets anyone build and use decentralized applications that run on blockchain technology. The platform allows users to make agreements and conduct transactions directly with each other to buy, sell and trade goods and services without a middle man.

For example, users can skip banks to transfer money, bypass a lawyer to draft sales contracts, launch their own fundraising platform for projects without going through the normal crowdfunding internet site, etc.

Ethereum operates via a global network of computers that work together as a supercomputer. The network assembles and runs smart contracts — that’s, applications that are, in theory, independent from any interference of third party or censorship — as the blockchain is resistant to tempering. Smart contracts were designed to reduce the need for trusted intermediaries between contractors, thereby reducing the transaction cost while also increasing transaction reliability.

Outside of smart contracts, the Ethereum blockchain also hosts other cryptocurrencies called tokens by using its ERC -20 compatibility standard. It is the most commonly used in the ETH platform, with over 280,000 ERC compliant tokens been launched in the platform.

What Is Ether?

Ether is the cryptocurrency that powers the Ethereum platform and blockchain. It was created as a balance because of the high running cost of computers that execute code to power Dapps which consumes a lot of power.

The goal of developing the cryptocurrency is to incentivize programmers to run the Ethereum protocol on their computers. These programmers are compensated through the Ether coins for contributing resources and writing quality applications for the network to be active.

The Ether serves two significant purposes;

- It is traded as a digital currency exchange like other cryptocurrencies.

- It is also used inside Ethereum to run applications and even to monetize work.

The Ethereum network also said that Ether could be used to Codify, secure, decentralize and trade just about anything.

History of Ethereum

Ethereum platform was co-founded by 19 years old Russian Canadian Vitalik Buterin. His goal was to take the technology that powered Bitcoins digital currency and use it to democratize everything from business, organizations and even allow users to develop their own digital currencies. Thus, giving the users the decision-making right and power to create anything and also giving economic control to individuals while taking it away from banks, cooperations, etc.

There are also other notable individuals that co-founded the platform. However, Buterin is the arrowhead as he authored the original white paper that talked about Ethereum in 2013. Before finding Ethereum, Buterin co-founded and wrote the Bitcoin Magazine news website.

Another notable individual that co-founded the platform is Gavin wood. The British programmer is seen as the second in line as he coded the first technical implementation in the C++ programming language, proposed the Ethereum native programming language, etc. There are still other co-founders of Ethereum, such as; Anthony Di Lorio, Charles Hoskinson, Mihai Alisie, Joseph Lubin, and Amir Chetrit, who all helped to develop Ethereum.

Ethereum Price Forecast for 2021

Having gone through many obstacles like a hard fork, criticism from the community, and the coming of competitive firms, ETH cryptocurrency is still the second in ranking after Bitcoin. The cryptocurrency keeps growing in popularity every day while attracting numerous investments.

Various platforms and individuals have forecasted the ETH price in the year. Most of the platforms considered the historical price data of the coin, while some used their in-house algorithm that estimates the future price of cryptocurrencies.

I will start by looking into the various platform’s ETH price predictions for 2021.


Walletinvestor has joined many other platforms to forecast the Ethereum price for the year. According to the website’s forecast system, ETH is an outstanding long-term (1 year) investment.

The platform projects that the Ethereum cryptocurrency price will reach $2600.55 by the end of 2021. In their long-term projection (5 years), they see the coins price getting to $5538. Looking at the projection, you can see that walletinvestor analyst is bullish on this cryptocurrency.

They believe that ETH is suitable for both short- and long-term investment. They also went further to analyze how they arrived at their prediction; you can check it on the website.


Ethereum has the second biggest market cap in the world of cryptocurrency.

Cryptocurrencypriceprediction platform foresees a bullish trend in the price of ETH in the year. In their 2021 ETH prediction, they believe that the coin’s value might rise to $5,057 by the end of the year.

In 10 years, they see the value exceeding $55,000. That’s huge, and it means that they are highly optimistic about the ETH price increase in the year.

Following this forecast implies that ETH is suitable for both long- and short-term investments. The website also wrote a detailed analysis of the cryptocurrency to give you ideas about future investment decisions.


Tradingbeasts experts have made their ETH price prediction for 2021. The website used historical data and a combination of linear and polynomial regressions in its forecast.

Accordingly, they project the coin to reach an average price of $1,750 by the end of 2021. They also went ahead to say that Ethereum’s price might go as high as $2,188 or fall as low as $1,488 in the year.

Considering the volatile nature of cryptocurrency and the close distance of the forecast with the price of the coin within the first few months of the year, I cannot say whether this prediction is bearish or bullish in the year. But, in the long run (5 years), they see the price reaching $3000 and above.


This website looked into the Ethereum price prediction for 2021 by other websites before making their own forecast.

According to the website, they agree with most cryptocurrency experts that Ethereum’s price might reach $7,000 in the year, which is their own prediction for the year.

The platform thinks that Ethereum based ventures and the Defi market will fortify the ETH position available, leading to more development. The platform is bullish on ETH for the year and sees it as a profitable investment.


This is one of the popular crypto forecast websites. Digitalcoinprice analyses the price of cryptocurrencies before making their future price estimation. The website is highly bullish on Ethereum in the year.

They see it as a profitable investment based on their forecast. In their ETH price prediction for 2021, they see ETH coin trading at $2,782.75 by the end of the year.

The website went further to represent their prediction graphically to give you a clear understanding of the estimation. You can check it out.


I like this website because of how they analyze coins before projecting the future price. Coinarbitragebot experts predict a bearish price trend for Ethereum in the year. Based on the Ethereum historical price data, they forecast that ETH price could be $1304.55 at the end of the year. In three years, it could rise to as high as $9335.82.

Considering the ETH price within the first 3 months of the year, this forecast looks bearish. But their long-term projection looks bullish.


Cryptoground thinks that ETH price will crash in the year. However, I cannot ascertain the timestamp of this forecast. But from what is posted on the website, ETH price will fall to $256.29 in the next year.

And in 5 years, it will trade at $1,445. I think this forecast is likely outdated and should be taken with a pinch of salt. Looking at their ETH price prediction for 2021, it is not profitable to invest in the coin in the long and short term.

This is another website that forecasts the future prices of cryptocurrencies, forex, stock market, real estate, etc. versatility makes it a popular place where traders lookout for future price projections of coins.

In their Ethereum price prediction for 2021, they estimate $2141.91. In the next 5 years, they estimate that ETH could trade for $5551.43 per token. The platform, by their forecast, agrees that Ether could turn out to be a short and long-term profitable investment.

Other websites have also made their Ethereum price prediction for 2021, which you can check out online. I only covered the projections of popular platforms.

From what the website said so far, we all can agree that the future is bright for Ethereum. Some platforms like Longforecast think that ETH’s price might exceed $5000 in the year, whereas some other websites like Cryptoground see the price crashing.

But what are individual opinions about Ether price in the year? let’s look into the individual opinions from YouTube and Twitter before making a final decision on Ethereum.

Youtubers and their Ethereum Price Predictions for 2021

On YouTube, many users have also made their Ethereum price prediction for 2021. I will be looking into some of them shortly.

Benjamin Cowen

Benjamin Cowen is one of the YouTubers who gave what he termed a realistic Ethereum price prediction. The YouTuber started by looking into the market capitalization before making his future projection.

The user thinks that Ethereum’s price might reach $3000 to $5000 in the year, which is a bullish trend. The user also said his estimation is just an assumption and not investment advice.

BitBoy Crypto

The YouTuber in the early days of 2021 made the ETH price prediction for 2021. The user used the value of BTC and the ongoing cryptocurrency price surge in the projection.

In his forecast, the user believes that ETH is capable of reaching $27,000 in 2021. The user also went forward to say that the all-time high could come at the last quarter of the year. Most of the people who commented agreed with the prediction.

Jamie Tree

Jamie Tree YouTube channel also reviewed the Ethereum cryptocurrency and made their future forecast. According to the channel, Ethereum’s price could reach $20,000 in the year.

The channel thinks that as the Ethereum platform grows, the Ether cryptocurrency value will keep increasing. The user also reviewed the coin before making the future price prediction.

Dapp University

The blockchain developer who works in the Ethereum protocol daily and who is also an Ethereum investor who has watched the space in the last few years made his future price prediction for the year.

The YouTuber thinks that Ethereum might hit $20,000 in the year. However, his prognosis is only for the short run.

That’s all that I could cover for now. You can visit YouTube to read more ETH price predictions for 2021.

Ethereum Price Forecast for 2021 from Twitter

On Twitter, there are thousands of Ethereum price predictions for 2021, by I will be looking into the major ones.


The user made the future price prediction of Ethereum and other cryptocurrencies. In his tweet, the user forecast that ETH price will reach $5,000 by the end of the year. “Realistic Price Prediction for 2021: $BTC $85,000 / $ETH $5,000 / $VET $2,00 / $ADA $6,00…”

Analyzing the forecast, I can deduce that the user considered those cryptocurrencies’ historical prices before making his future projection.

Also, the majority of people who commented on the tweet agreed with the predictions.


The crypto trader is among the people that are optimistic about the ETH price increase in the year. In a tweet, the user made the future price estimation of 20 cryptocurrencies.

The Twitter user’s ETH price prediction for 2021 is $18,500. This prediction drew many people’s attention. While some see it as a funny tweet, some accepted the fact that cryptocurrency market value will skyrocket in the year. “My price predictions for EOY 2021: $XRP $.001 / $BTC $215,000 / $ETH $18,500 / $DOT $125 / $RSR $4 / $DAG $3”


In a tweet on January 1st, Chariot Meriry made a future price prediction of 14 cryptocurrencies. Among the coins was Ether. In her Ethereum price prediction for 2021, the user sees the price reaching $3000 by the end of 2021.”Price prediction for 2021: $LUNA — $4 / $ALPHA — $6 / $RUNE — $20 / $KP3R — $3000 / $CRV — $4 / $NEAR — $10 / $SUSHI — $11 / $YFI — $100K / $SNX — $60 / $AAVE — $1000 / $BNB — $400 / $LTC — $1000 / $ETH — $3000 / $BTC — $100k”


Rune_Mogollon joined others to estimate the future price of cryptocurrencies. According to the user, the predictions are for November and December 2021. “$ALPHA — $30 / $RUNE — $69 / $KP3R — $5000 / $CRV — $50 / $NEAR — $30 / $SUSHI — $100 / $YFI — $250K / $SNX — $60 / $AAVE — $8000 / $BNB — $400 / $LTC — $2000 / $ETH — $10,000…. Keep Calm you Bags will pump”

In his Ethereum forecast, he said that it would reach $10,000 by the end of 2021. That’s a highly bullish trend. Well, his other predictions are also huge. I think he considered the rising value of cryptocurrency in the early days of the year in his forecast.

Ethereum Might Become a Profitable Investment in The Year

Ethereum is currently reaching a new height. The majority of the Ethereum price prediction for 2021 agrees that the price will increase in the year. I also believe that Ethereum based projects and the DeFi market will strengthen the ETH position in the market and make room for further growth.

Also, the implementation of the ETH 2.0 can make the technology and its cryptocurrency more attractive.

Almost the market participants predict a bull run during this year. The highest forecast came from Bit Boy crypto, who thinks that ETH value could reach $27,000 in the year, while the lowest forecast is from Cryptoground, who projects $256.29 per ETH only on the end of 2021.

What is your own ETH price prediction for 2021? Drop your comment below.



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