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Feb 24, 2021

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Enjin (ENJ) Price Predictions for 2021

Enjin (ENJ) Price Prediction for 2021

The price prediction for Enjin in 2021 will determine if the cryptocurrency has the potential of being a valuable token or an investment option in the near future. So, in this article, we will see some predictions from cryptocurrency influencers, investors, and analysts, along with their thought and comment about the token.

Although Enjin is new to the market compared to big cryptocurrency tokens, they have a big fanbase community and are available for trade on various exchange platforms. Personally. I bought my ENJ on Coinuma, an exchange platform that pays users to trade with them and offers negative fees.

What is Enjin Coin (ENJ)?

Enjin coin is a token that has both smart contracts competencies and acts as a cryptocurrency. Founded by Maxim Blagov and Witek Radomskiin in 2017, Enjin coin is an ERC token that was built on an Ethereum network.

It was among the first tokens used on the Radien network–the Ethereum version of the lightning network — and made for virtual goods. The Enjin team aims to provide a gaming token that is valuable and has the potential of being a major currency in the industry.

The Enjin project comprises the native currency Enjin coin (ENJ) and a collection of software development kits. And in adopting this token, the gaming community gains benefits like reduction of high fees and fraud in the gaming platform, which is common during the trade of virtual goods.

Also, it brings about the management and creation of virtual goods. Here are the predictions about the Enjin coin.

Enjin Coin Predictions for 2021 on Cryptocurrency sites

These predictions are from cryptocurrency sites that use technical analysis and a historical price chart to give an expected price value for the tokens.

Below are some Enjin price predictions for 2021 from these sites.


Coinpedia, a popular cryptocurrency site that provides both predictions and real-time price value on various cryptocurrency tokens, gave their opinion about the Enjin coin.

They gave factors like investors’ interest, partnership, and collaboration, which can influence the price of Enjin coin to $0.85 in 2021. But for long-term investment, they expect Enjin coin to reach a record high of $2.8.


Tradingbeast, another cryptocurrency site that provides updated prices and analysis on different cryptocurrency tokens, gave a forecast about Enjin coin. For short-term investment, they expect Enjin coin to reach $0.85 while by year-ending $0.87.

They believe Enjin coin to be a good investment plan and has the potential of going higher; also for the coin to reach $1 in 3–4 years.


This cryptocurrency site uses an in-house deep learning algorithm, based on the token historical price Data to give their predictions.

Regarding the Enjin coin, they see the token as a long-term investment plan and expect it to reach a price value of $0.40- which has been exceeded at the beginning of the year.

This shows that predictions are calculated guess with values of expectations, and can either be meet or exceeded.


Digitalcoinprice is another popular cryptocurrency prediction site that gives analysis and forecast of both present and future prices. For Enjin coin, they expect the price to reach $0.88 by 2021 end.

But for long-term, they predicted Enjin coin to be worth $1.3-$2.6 in 4 to 5 years. The site confirmed this value based on their forecast, giving the minimum price of Enjin to be $2.37 soon.


This site uses only technical analysis to give their predictions, Taken into consideration metrics like MACD and RSI, they consider Enjin coin bullish with a potential of reaching a high price range.

They predicted the token to reach $1 soon, and a possibility of increasing up to $2 if the bullish trend continues.

Responding to the question of if Enjin is an excellent investment, they gave an assurance that if Enjin continues on its bullish trend, ‘’it might have the chance to have a bright future ahead.


Walletinvestor, another popular cryptocurrency prediction site that uses technical based analysis to give their forecast expects Enjin coin to be $0.75 at year-end.

They consider this token a good investment option, with earnings of +40.33 during the year. For long-term, they predicted that the coin will sell for $1.4 in 4–6 years.


This site talks about the possibility of Enjin coin reaching an all-time high, but based it on the probability of Bitcoin staying on a bullish run.

They gave reasons on what will make the token go up. One of these reasons is the fact that since Enjin is a major token use for gaming, its popularity will keep on increasing. And the number of people using the token- to buy, create or manage- will bolster the price value.

They predicted Enjin to sell at $4.44 to $44+ in 5- 15 years.


Gov.capital, a cryptocurrency site that uses Deep learning by technical analysis to predict various cryptocurrency tokens prices, gave a forecast about the Enjin coin.

The site predicted the token price to reach $0.68 and an average price of $0.58 in 2021.

They also expect Enjin coin to sell at $2 in 4–6 years.

Enjin Coin predictions for 2021 from Twitter


Peter Makris, a cryptocurrency enthusiast, tweeted ‘’My price prediction for end of 2021. Gold — $2225, Silver -$30, Bitcoin -$95,000, Ethereum -$2500, Cardano -$2.20, Enjin -$1.10’’.

It’s funny how twitter predictions are always the most optimistic.


Another Twitter user cryptominer, a cryptocurrency lover whose aim is to advise and teach people about cryptocurrency tokens tweeted ‘’My prediction for 2021 =#BTC $25k + #Ethereum $ 5k +#BCH $2.5K+ #LTC $5000+ #Tezos $25+ #LINK$70+ # Enjin $5+…’’.

The user concluded, putting the possibility that ENJ’s price could rise to more than $ 5 before the end of 2021.

Enjin (ENJ) Price Forecast on Youtube

Crypto Big Boss

Crypto Big Boss, is a cryptocurrency prediction channel that gives predictions use price charts and analysis. They expect Enjin coin to sell at $0.75 by the end of 2021.

The channel highlighted reasons for this value, stating a fact of Enjin being a gaming token and increase seen in the number of video game lovers.


Cryptosaurus, a YouTube cryptocurrency channel with more than a thousand subscribers gave a future forecast about Enjin coin. The channel considers the token to be on a bullish trend and expects the price to reach $2 in 2021.

The video ended with crptosaurus, promising to do another prediction on Enjin coin when it is up to $2.

Crypto Millionaire Academy

This cryptocurrency channel offers both tips and predictions on various cryptocurrency tokens. In the video, predictions from other prediction sites were used to compare the price range of Enjin.

Crypto Millionaire Academy concluded on the possibility of Enjin coin to sell at $0.70 in 2021.


From these price predictions, we can see a price range of different values for the Enjin coin. With a predicted price range of $0.70 — $44, I can strongly advise people to hold this coin in their investment portfolio.

And if the token continues on its upward trend, it is possible for investors to gain triple investment returns in a year alone.