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Feb 23, 2021

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Dash Price Prediction for 2021

Dash Price Prediction for 2021

Dash, is a DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization) token powered by a subset of its users called the Mater Nodes. Though Dash has seen a steady flux of investors, there is still some doubt about its future. In this article, we will see some DASH price predictions for 2021.

However, before we start, know that these predictions are on Dash being on a bullish trend; I talk from the perspective of one who has invested in Dash and seen some profitable investment returns.

Also, we will see why I consider Dash to be an excellent investment. By the way, I bought my Dash on Coinuma: an exchange platform, known for its negative fees - which allow them to pay me for trading on their platform — and has a user-friendly interface that makes trading easy.

Let’s see what other analysts, crypto influencers, and enthusiasts have to say about Dash price forecasts for this year.

What is DASH?

Known as Xcoin when launched in 2014 and created by Evan Duffield, Evan Duffield changed the name two weeks after it debuted to Darkcoin. But because of controversies and critics, it went through a rebrand–of name and image- changing the name to Dash-a portmanteau of Digital coin.

Created as an open-source blockchain, it intends to offer a cheap and fast decentralized payment network.

The token has since been on developing processes, with constant updates and features making it one of the best Altcoin available. Also, its unique features like InstaSend–which allows for instant payments- PrivateSend and ChainLock make it a valuable cryptocurrency for users who like privacy and security.

DASH Price Predictions for 2021

There have been many predictions on the future of DASH, some people still question how valuable this coin will be. In this article, we will see why this cryptocurrency is still gaining heights with predictions and technical analysis from experts for DASH in 2021.

Cryptocurrency prediction sites have comments on what they think will be the future price of Dash in 2021. From all this analysis and prediction, we can see that they all show Dash to be a token with huge potential.

Here are some predictions from these sites.


Coinswitch a cryptocurrency prediction site and exchange platform talk about the potential of Dash reaching a high price range. The site talked about how valuable Dash will be in a few years.

They also emphasize the fact that the cryptocurrency team is creating more partnerships and buffing up their privacy features. These actions are likely to make the token a valuable crypto soon.

The predicted price value for Dash this 2021 is $2,200.


This cryptocurrency prediction site uses both historical and a combination of polynomial and linear regression data talked on the future price of Dash. Using their updated market price charts and professional opinions, they predicted Dash would reach a price value of $266 at the end of 2021.

Although they spoke of a dip in the token price due to market volatility, we will see soon an increase in the market price.


Walletinvestors another cryptocurrency site that uses historical data and technical analysis predicted that Dash will gain a high price in 2021. They predicted that in this year, the minimum price of Dash will be $115, while $430 will be the highest price.

They gained these values from a calculated consideration of factors like market volatility, percentage of the token crashing, etc. For the long term, the site predicted a stable price value with fluctuation between a bullish trend.


Coinpriceforecast, a prediction site that gives live price analysis of cryptocurrency tokens have their thought about the future price of Dash. They predicted that for the long term, Dash will reach $500 by 2021 end; $1,067 in five years.

The site also gave a mid-term price value for Dash in 2021 as $487.


Longforecast, a site that gives predictions based on life updates and historical price charts, also projected Dash to reach a high value. They expect Dash to be at $480 by Year’s end.

This prediction is like some prediction sites that also expect Dash to be at this price range. Further analysis shows that the token will keep on improving if the updates are continuous.


A prediction site that based its prediction on technical analysis alone has this to say about Dash. ‘’Trends and price from previous years show a token with the potential of climbing up, and if a bullish run happens on the market, they gave an estimated value of $180 to $200 as their price prediction.

This conclusion came after careful consideration and observation which included previous prices, all-time-high resistance levels to name a few.


This cryptocurrency prediction site expects Dash to reach a price value of $370-$434 during the year. And according to their prediction data, they predicted a Dash to reach $1,289 as an all-time high in the future.

They forecast Dash to have a steady price value that increases and does not fall below its resistance level. We also considered a suitable investment option for the long term.

Prime XBT

Prime XBT, a popular trading platform that gives regular updates on various cryptocurrencies, commented on Dash. The site gave reasons on why they believe this token will rise above other Altcoins.

They pointed out that the Dash team continuously improves and develops in both features and functions such as user-friendly interface, reliable network, and low transaction fees. Commenting further, they said these will not only boost the popularity of the coin but make it a rival to some big cryptocurrency coins like ETH.

Prime XBT forecast the coin to sell at $2,000 per coin.


Another cryptocurrency site that expects Dash to reach $2,000 with its features like user experience and fast network is coinpedia. Though for their prediction, they predicted that Dash will reach $450 in 3–5 years.

They based their prediction on Dash performance in the market and its repeated trends it follows. And from its previous patterns, Dash hit an all-time high when after it experienced a bullish trend in the market.

So many people expect this pattern to occur again, and with the general price surge of cryptocurrencies-Dash should hit a new all-time high.

DASH Price Predictions for 2021 (Twitter)


A Twitter user called DashyGranny in response to @Bitboy_Crypto -a crypto Youtuber, investor, and co-owner of a cryptocurrency channel regarding his video he posted on @dashpay tweeted ‘’New video by @Bitboy_Crrypto on @dashpay!, He predicts $dash will reach a new ATH of $2200 this year possibly higher!”


Another Twitter user with the username Mark Mason, a Media Relations & Press Room Manager at @Dashpay, also commented on the video posted by @Bitboy_Crypto regarding his prediction on Dash. He tweeted ‘’@Bitboy_Crypto is predicting that @Dashpay will 10x and hit $2,200 in 2021! ’How high do you think #Dash will go in 2021’’.


Demelza Hays, Ph.D. a Twitter user who is a Director of research, Cointelegraph at the University of Liechtenstein tweeted ‘’Two days ago Kryptonik Academy accurately predicted rise in Dash/ETH. Good trader to subscribe to. Dash is halfway to $500! Still halfway to go.


In response to the tweet of @CryptophD, Pilgrim retweeted saying ‘’$DASH has been stuck in this range for more than 2 years. Many Alts have broken out of their range. If DASH breaks out and sustains it…. it is possible we could see a very quick move to $350 and then higher.”

This is one of his many replies to the explosive surge of Dash’s price value. Also, other Cryptocurrency users who follow cryptophD reacted to the tweet.


CryptoDragos, a cryptocurrency enthusiast, investor, and Twitter follower of cryptophD said this concerning the aforementioned tweet ‘’#dash to $500 is short-term prediction… Hold till December and will be $5000 or more.

DASH Price Predictions for 2021 (Youtube)

The Crypto Kingdom

The crypto Kingdom, a cryptocurrency site that does predictions on cryptocurrencies, commented on the future of Dash. Dash is on a bullish run with the potential to reach a high price of $2500.

This channel, based their answer on the regular development and network updates. Also, partnership with leading companies and high demand for this token will keep it on a bullish run throughout 2021.


From all this analysis and predictions, we can see that they answer the question of if Dash is a token with the potential of being successful. Most of the sites talk about the price value positively, with some ensuring readers of a good return on investment before the year-end.

As we can see in these price predictions for DASH this 2021, the majority are bullish for this cryptocurrency, the least optimistic predict that DASH will do a x2 and the most optimistic a x10.

But No one can accurately predict the price of a cryptocurrency, This is because of the many factors influencing market decisions and trends.