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With the ongoing development of the platform, you might be wondering what could be the future value of its native CRO token. Well, I have decided to look into the various CRO token price predictions to give you a clue about the token’s future value. This will help you to make decisions regarding and its token in the year. is one of the pioneering payments and cryptocurrency platforms designed to enable far-reaching, worldwide user access to blockchain-based financial services. The platform has developed since launch, reaching over 3 million users. That’s because of the unique new features and offers in, which includes its exchange, App, Wallet, and MCO Visa Cards.

Another amazing thing about is its multi-functional mobile app, which has a wide variety of features such as; inclusion of pay, Crypto Earn, and crypto credit. They also built a strong exchange platform as well as an extensive payment infrastructure that is linked with the mobile app and its visa card.

In this CRO price prediction article, I will look into the opinion of crypto price prediction websites, the individual opinion from YouTube and Twitter.

Overall, I will be analyzing these forecasts to give you a clear understanding of the cryptocurrency. Considering the bullish altcoin season, I think CRO value might increase in the year.

I got some a few days ago at Coinuma, a new exchange. They offer negative fees – which means they pay users to trade with them!

Let’s start by understanding the concept of

What is is a platform that allows users to buy, transfer, store, and exchange cryptocurrencies. The platform offers a versatile debit card that allows people to spend cryptocurrency anywhere that Visa card is accepted worldwide. The platform is user-friendly and offers a wide range of cryptos and a comprehensive range of crypto pairings to trade. Also, with the mobile app, users can deposit with crypto or fiat money and also withdraw fiat money.

On the issue of security, the platform is highly secured while utilizing cold wallets and 2FA authentication. is made up of three parts, which are:

  • The Mobile App: This is the major part that is available in Android and iOS. When you download the app, you have full access to all the platform’s services.
  • Non- Custodial Wallet: This is a separate wallet that allows you full control over your private keys. However, you won’t have full access to the services, but you can link it to the main account to transfer funds between them.
  • The Exchange: This is a crypto-to-crypto exchange that you can access with your mobile app account. But, to have full access to benefits of the exchange like special promotion, you will need to have a app.

What is a CRO token?

CRO is the native governance token of the Chain. The Chain is a decentralized open-source blockchain developed by the payment, trading, and financial service company. It is one of the products of that was developed to enhance the global adoption of cryptocurrencies as a means of having more control over money while safeguarding user data and protecting users’ identities.

The CRO token was launched in 2018 and is used to make payments to as many global merchants as possible. Also, users can stake their CRO tokens on and earn rewards. The token can also be used to settle transaction fees on the Chain. Users can also receive cashback in CRO for using the token to pay merchants.

Furthermore, users can earn annual interest on their tokens by staking them on either the Exchange app or’s visa card. Above all, the CRO token is the pillar that drives the Crypto.coms goal of increasing cryptocurrency adoption globally.

History of was launched in 2016 and had four co-founders; Kris Marszalek, the CEO of — has headed three companies before joining CRO development. Another co-founder is Rafael Melo, who serves as the CFO of and has more than 15 years of experience in finance. Gary Or is another co-founder who is the CTO of the platform, and Bobby Bao, who serves as the head of Corporate Development. These individuals have great accomplishments in the finance and tech sector.

The initial coin offering (ICO) of the platform was launched in Monaco in 2017 and raised $26.7 million. At that time, it was called Monaco (MCO) before it was rebranded in 2018 after the acquisition of the domain. The company headquarters is located in Hong Kong, China, and has over 700 employees globally with more than 5 million users worldwide.

CRO Token Price Forecasts 2021

The CRO has shown significant growth this year and continues to grow in popularity. Some crypto enthusiasts attribute the surging popularity to the rapid increase in the number of services offered by the project developers, such as an exchange, a DeFi wallet, a plastic card, etc.

All these products create an avenue for the growth of the CRO crypto asset. Various crypto websites have made their CRO predictions.

Let’s look into them and know if the token is worth investing in the year.

Tradingbeast’s CRO Prediction

According to Tradingbeasts, the CRO price will be $0.25 by the end of the year with a maximum price of $0.31 and a minimum price of $0.21.

This forecast seems neutral for the year. However, in the next 3 years, they estimate it could get to $0.35.

The website also made it clear that its prediction is a mere suggestion and not investment advice. One of the unique things about this website is its monthly forecast which would be helpful to short-term investors.

Walletinvestor’s Take on the CRO Token

CRO price prediction by Wallinvestor

The analysts in Walletinvestor think that (CRO) is going to be a very good long-term (1 year) investment. According to the website forecast system, the CRO token will trade at $0.26 before the end of the year. And in 4 years, it could reach $0.44.

This prediction shows that CRO will be a profitable long-term investment. However, considering the altcoin bullish season, it may also become a profitable short-term investment.

The website also said that users looking for virtual coins with high ROI could look up to CRO cryptocurrency. You can visit the website for technical analysis of their prediction.

Coinpedia — “CRO Will Reach $1.5"

This website looked into the developments and the technical analysis of the cryptocurrency before making their future price prognosis.

In their (CRO) price prediction for 2021, they estimate that the virtual coins price will reach $1.5 before the end of the year. In the next 5 years, they project it could get to $10.’s not So Bullish Prediction

In the’s forecast, they estimate CRO token to trade at $0.37 before the end of 2021. Also, in the next 5 years, it could get to $1.7. They are also bullish for the short and long term.

The website used their custom algorithm based on deep learning, which helps to decide if a cryptocurrency will be a good portfolio addition for the future in their CRO future price projection.

CRO Price Prediction by Digitalcoinprice

digitalcoinprice CRO forecast chart

It is one of the reference websites used by YouTubers when predicting the future price of cryptocurrencies — which is while it is a very popular website.

The Digitalcoinprice experts have made their (CRO) price prognosis for the year, which is $0.32. And their long-term (5 years) projection is $0.81. Based on this forecast, CRO will be a profitable investment in the future.

However, I cannot say whether a short term will yield a high ROI, but this projection doesn’t see the CRO price crashing in the year. The website also represented their prediction graphically, which also shows a bullish run.

Cryptocurrencypriceprediction — “CRO to $0.51 in 2021”

This is one of the websites that are bullish on the price of (CRO) for the year and beyond. In their CRO price prediction for 2021, they see the coins price reaching $0.51 by the end of the year.

There 5 years CRO price projection is $3.32. Analyzing this prediction further shows that they are highly optimistic that coins price will increase in the future. The website considered the historical price data and developments in the platform in their forecast.

They also went further to run a price analysis of the token for a clearer understanding of the token’s price behavior.

Bearish Forecast by Coinarbitragebot

Coinarbitragebot is one of the websites that is bearish on CRO token in 2021. In their token price prediction, they forecast the value will fall to $0.15 before the end of 2021.

But in the next 3 years, it could rise to $1.10. According to this prediction, CRO qualifies for only long-term investment. It means that any short-term investment (1 year) may not likely be profitable. But it will be profitable in the long term (3 years and above). The website also wrote a detailed analysis of the coin, which provides comprehensive data of the cryptocurrency. — Another Bullish Website is bullish for short- and long-term investment in After considering the innovations and the prospects of the project’s future growth, they predict that the CRO price will reach $0.35 before the end of the year. And in five years, it could get to $1.79.

In the predictions above, we can see that they are all bullish for the long run on the CRO token. In the short run, it is only Coinarbitragebot that is bearish; others are either bullish or neutral. However, let’s check YouTubers and Twitter user’s CRO forecasts for 2021. Let’s see if their opinion will be the same or different.

Youtubers and Their CRO Token Price Predictions for 2021

Some YouTubers have made their (CRO) token price prediction for 2021. Let’s see most of them.

Crypto Ellis

Crypto Ellis is among the YouTubers that foresee a bullish run for the CRO token in 2021. The Youtuber looked into the CRO token and why it has the potential of going up in the year.

After considering the benefits of the exchange and application, the user forecast that CRO price could reach $5 before the end of the year.


The Youtuber looked into the coins market cap and the potentials of the platform growing in the year. In his CRO prediction, he thinks the CRO price might get to $0.90 by the end of 2021. And in 5 years, it could get to $4. So, the YouTuber is bullish on the long and short term. However, the user said that his forecast is just a suggestion and not financial advice.

Professor Finance

Professor Finance is among the people that think that CRO value will increase in the year. Although some people believe that it could reach $10 in the year, but the YouTuber is conservative in his prediction. According to him, the CRO currency will trade between $1 — $2 on the low end and $2- $3 on the high end at the end of the year. Most of the users who commented below the video think that it is possible.

CRO Forecasts by Twitter Users

Crypto Knightrider

Crypto Knightrider said that his end-of-the-year price forecast for CRO token is $10. “Price prediction for $cro #cro by end of 2021 is $10, what’s your prediction? “

Bloom Capital & Holdings

The crypto enthusiast made the cryptocurrency price estimation of many altcoins for 2021, of which CRO was among. He believes the coins price will reach $0.80 in 2021. “Price Predictions ATH 2021 (Comment below if I missed any) $Ramp $5-$7 / $ICX $14-$20 / $Btc $130,000 / $eth $10,000 / $link $200 / $Dia $20 / $vet $1.20 / $cro $0.80c… #nfa ~Bloom Capital”


In his future price estimation of 7 cryptocurrencies, the Twitter user projects that coins price will reach $3 in the future. “darkstars Price prediction Next BullRun: (2025–2027) +/– 20% / $XSN: 25$ / $ADA: 6$ / $XRP: 10$ / $LINK: 400$ / $BNB: 800$ / $CRO: 3$ / $BTC: $200K / NOT A FINANCIAL ADVISE”

Considering the high rate of adoption of cryptocurrency. It is possible that the prediction might come to pass sooner than expected.


The crypto enthusiast made his end-of-the-year price forecast for some altcoins in March this year. According to RealCryptoBull prediction, CRO will trade at $3 before the end of the year. “My prediction for Crypto by the end of 2021 you saw it here first: $Eth — $18,000 / $XRP — $27 / $XLM — $14 / $ADA — $20 / $QNT — $300 / $VET — $0.60 / $CRO — $3…”

A closer look at the prognosis shows that the user considered the coin’s historical price data in the prediction.

Crypto talk

In this Twitter user’s price prediction, he forecast CRO price reaching $1 in the year. From the projection, I can see that he considered the bullish altcoin season in the predictions.”OK I’ll play. Price predictions (by end of Q1): $BTC — $69,000 / $VGX — $6.90 / $RVN — $1.69 / $ETH — $2,069 / $ADA — $3.69 / $DOT — $69 / $VET — $1.00 / $RVN — $1.50 / $CRO — $1.00”

Some users who commented on the tweet agreed with most of his forecast.

CRO Token Could be a Good Investment

With barely 6 years since was launched, it is already gaining huge ground in the cryptocurrency space. The platform has delivered its card to countries such as the US, UK, Singapore and soon will land in Europe. The idea behind the project is great. The platform’s goal of embedding cryptocurrencies in our everyday life while mixing them with fiat currencies seems to be the major reason for the increasing adoption.

However, the project might face difficulties in implementing its strategies in many countries because of the various countries’ policies. But that has not deterred people from investing in this cryptocurrency.

These forecasts we have in the article also show that people are optimistic about the price increase in the year. In the CRO token’s price estimations above, the highest CRO price projection for the year was from Crypto Knightrider, which is $10, while the lowest was from Coinarbitragebot, which is $0.15. In summary, all the websites and individual forecasts believe that the CRO value will surge in the future. So, if you invest now, your investment will triple in the future.

What is your own CRO price prediction for 2021? Drop your comment below.



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