Bitcoin Cash (BCH) Price Prediction for 2021

Since the launch of Bitcoin in 2010, there have been heightened fears over the transaction processing speed and cost. Bitcoin Cash (BCH) seeks to address the shortcomings in terms of speed and costly transaction fees.

Based on the surging growth and popularity of BCH, I have decided to write about Bitcoin Cash Price predictions for 2021. This article aims to give you clues about any investment decisions you will make regarding BCH in the year.

As for me, I am optimistic and believe that Bitcoin Cash has the potential of surpassing ETH in value. That’s while I have invested in the coin in Coinuma cryptocurrency exchange, a new exchange that offers negative fees to traders/investors. That is, they pay you to trade with them.

Even at that, it is also necessary that we look at what others have to say — it will expand your knowledge about the coin and help you to make investment decisions. So, let’s look at the BCH price predictions for 2021 from crypto platforms and individual opinions.

But, before then, let’s get an understanding of Bitcoin Cash.

Bitcoin Cash Price Prediction for 2021

What is Bitcoin Cash?

Bitcoin Cash, also known as Bcash, is a hard fork of BTC launched after consensus was not reached to increase the block size of the original Bitcoin.

Bitcoin Cash is a popular peer-to-peer digital payment currency that facilitates cross-border transactions at a low cost. One of the core advantages is the fact that transactions happen without any involvement of intermediaries or central banks.

It means that you can transact directly to anyone and anywhere in the world without the need for a third-party intermediary.

The only difference between BCH and BTC is that Bitcoin Cash has a larger block size, which results in faster transfer and lower transaction fees compared to Bitcoin. The goal of Bitcoin Cash is to make BTC a more suitable cryptocurrency for day-to-day transactions.

What Is BCH?

BCH is the native governance token of Bitcoin Cash. It is a versatile asset that is accepted in more than 5000 physical locations and adopted by a wide range of online services. Various crypto experts claim that the BCH token also brings support for different payment platforms and offers a Point of Sales (PoS) solution for business ventures.

The BCH also reduces the fees and settlement times for remittances and cross-border trade. The token can also be used in simplified smart contracts and private payment tools like CashFusion.

History of Bitcoin Cash

bitcoin fork bch
bitcoin fork bch

The Bitcoin Cash was created in August 2017 from a Fork of Bitcoin. However, the cryptocurrency split in November 2018 to Bitcoin Cash and Bitcoin SV. As proposed by Satoshi Nakamoto, the BTC inventor, Bitcoin was supposed to be a peer-to-peer cryptocurrency that will be used for daily transactions.

However, as it started gaining worldwide popularity, it witnessed scalability problems and could barely handle the rising number of transactions — that was due to the 1MB block size limitation. So, BCH proposed a remedy to the situation by increasing the size of the blocks between 8MB and 32MB, thereby increasing the number of transactions processed per block. That is from 1000 (when it was proposed) to 25,000 during the stress test in 2018 after few months of launch.

The goal of the BCH developers is by increasing the block size; Bitcoin will be used as a medium for daily transactions and help to compete with major credit card merchants such as Visa, Mastercard.

BCH Price Forecasts for 2021

The Bitcoin Cash price prediction gives investors and traders a clue about the future value of BCH in 2021. One of the ways of estimating if a cryptocurrency such as BCH is going to be a profitable investment is by studying the prior price history. It is one of the things many platforms utilized in their predictions.

As for me, I always look at the prior price history and the opinion of others before investing in any coin. So, let’s look at what cryptocurrency prediction platforms have to say regarding the BCH price in the year.


Walletinvestor Bitcoin Cash price projections for the year are bullish. The website analyst has made their Bitcoin Cash price forecast for 2021. They see BCH as an outstanding long-term (1 year) investment. The versatile platform is widely known for predicting the future price of stocks, real estate, cryptocurrencies.

In their BCH price prediction 2021, they think that the coin might reach a maximum value of $1384 or have a minimum value of $548 by the end of 2021.

There average price projection for the year is $956.47. Walletinvestor experts also went ahead to say that if you are looking for virtual currencies with good returns, Bitcoin Cash can be a profitable investment option.


I have been following Longforecast for some time. Although they don’t forecast the future price of all cryptocurrencies, in the case of BCH, they posted their 2021 price estimation.

The platform experts think that BCH will rise as high as $773 or fall to a minimum of $671 in 2021. The platform forecast by the end of 2021 is $722.

The platform’s subsequent year’s price estimations (like 3 years) also show a bullish trend.

Trading beasts

This is another platform that has made its Bitcoin Cash price prediction for 2021. The website took account of the historical data and a combination of linear and polynomial regression in their forecast. For their Bitcoin Cash 2021 forecast, they think that its price will reach a maximum of $591.80 in the year.

They went further to say that BCH might have an average price of $473 by the end of the year. The platform also dropped its long-term price projection, all of which is showing a bullish trend. So, they are bullish on the coin for the year.

According to them, no one can accurately predict the future, so their prediction is just a suggestion and not investment advice.


Coinarbitragebot is one of the top websites that analyze cryptocurrencies before making their future price forecast. In the case of BCH price prediction for 2021, the site also did a detailed analysis of the coin before projecting its future value.

They estimate that the BCH value will reach $781.60 by the end of 2021. They went further to say that the BCH price might get to $5593.38 in the next 3 years.


Crypto-rating introduced the Crypto Volatility Index (CVIX), which clearly depicts the present price dynamics and offers some tips about future price action scenarios — combining the reading of the CVIX, the historical price data behavior, the fundamental characteristics of BCH, and the prospects of the project’s future development, the platform made their prediction accordingly.

From their Bitcoin Cash price prediction for 2021, the coin will reach $550 or above by the end of the year.

It is yet another platform that sees Bitcoin Cash as a profitable investment in 2021.


Cryptoground used there in houses deep learning (neural network) algorithm and the historical data of BCH for their prediction. Based on that, the platform thinks that the coins price will fall to $420.85 by the end of the year.

It means that they project a bearish run for the coin in the year. However, they also went ahead to say that BCH is going to be a profitable long-term investment (like 5 years).

Considering the timestamp of the prediction, I think they believe that Bitcoin Cash value will surge in the year. The website also went further by representing their projection graphically, which shows price increase.


According to the Bitcoin Cash price forecast for 2021 by Digitalcoinprice, the coin’s value will surge in the year. They project BCH value reaching $667.3 by the end of 2021. They also went further to forecast the long-term price of the coin, which is $2000.

Taking a closer look at their forecast, you will see that they are highly confident that BCH will be a profitable long- and short-term investment. Most YouTubers use this platform’s prediction in their review, so you might have to look into it.


Since the launch of Bitcoin Cash, it has been growing in value. Some people attributed that to its link with BTC. Also, the fact that it seeks to solve some transaction issues makes it a unique project.

The Cryptocurrencypriceprediction analysts think that considering the things BCH aims to solve and the various innovations in the project, it will increase in value in the year. From their prediction, they see the coins price reaching $1,426 by the end of the year.

Now, let’s look at individual opinions from Twitter and YouTube for the BCH price forecast in 2021.

Youtubers and their Bitcoin Cash (BCH) Price Predictions for 2021

BitBoy Crypto

BitBoy Crypto thinks that BCH has the potential of reaching $3000 in the year. Considering the historical price chart and the common problems it seeks to solve, like scalability and transaction fees, the YouTuber thinks that its popularity will increase, leading to an increase in value in the year.

The comments below the prediction quite agree with the YouTuber — with many thinking that BCH is undervalued.

Crypto Bull

The Youtuber is bullish on BCH price prediction for 2021. The user-based his price projection on the future innovations and the bullish run witnessed at the beginning of the year. According to Crypto Bull, BCH is capable of reaching $20,000 in the year.

Almost all the comments agreed with the YouTuber. A user who commented on the forecast thinks that the price will go up to $5000 and so on very soon.

Bitcoin BCH

The YouTuber thinks that the BCH price will reach $3000 in 2021. He considered the increasing price of BCH in his forecast. Although the prediction was made in December last year, I still think that it might come to pass.

The user also considered the ongoing mass adoption of BTC and BCH in his Bitcoin Cash price prediction for 2021.

Fliptroniks Crypto

Fliptroniks Crypto YouTube channel analyzed the BCH value and compared it with BTC. According to the channel, if BTC value continues its bullish run in the year, BCH price might be between $8,000 to $10,000 at the end of 2021.

The YouTuber thinks that BCH’s price for the year is tied to the value of BTC. Also, most users agreed with his forecast.

Bitcoin Cash Price Forecast for 2021 on Twitter


The Twitter user is among the people who have dropped its BCH price prediction for 2021. Mira predicted the future value of more than ten cryptocurrencies.

In her tweet, she believes that the Bitcoin Cash price will reach $10,000 in 2021. The user also predicted the future price of other coins. “Price prediction 2021 $BTC $80,000 / $ETH $10,000 / $ZIL $10 / $CAKE $200…$BCH $10000 / $REEF $5 / $XRP $20 or $0 / You can add yours!”


The user who claimed to be a cryptocurrency enthusiast made his future price projections of six coins. From his tweet, he thinks that BCH price will reach $5000 by the end of the year.

He also went ahead to encourage his followers to screenshot the prediction. It means that he is highly optimistic about a price increase in the year. “Okey price prediction time EOY / $300K $BTC / $10K $ETH / $1 or 0 $XRP / $150 $LINK / $5K $BCH… Screenshot and bookmark this”


Marko Kucic is among those who see BCH as a profitable investment in the year. His prediction of the coin is bullish. From a tweet he posted in February, he predicted that BCH price would reach $10,000 in the year. The user also forecasted the future price of other coins.

And looking the users Bitcoin Cash price prediction for 2021, I think he used the BCH bullish trend that started in the year as his base for the projections. “Price prediction 2021/ $BTC $500.000 / $ETH $20.000 / $ZIL $8 / $COTI $2 / $RSR $0.50 / $DOT $600 / $LINK $400… $BCH $10.000”


This is one of the popular Twitter users known for predicting the future price of cryptocurrencies. In fifty (50) cryptocurrencies that he forecasted their future price on 31 December 2020, BCH was among.

From the prediction, he is optimistic that BCH will have a bullish run in the year, so he projected that the coins price would reach $$511.27 in 2021. “End of 2021 Crypto Price Predictions (5/5) 41) $BLOCK / 42) $TRST: $3.42 / 43) $EDG: $0.45289 / 44) $CHP: $0.19572 / 45) $SYN: $1.69 / 46) $PRE: $2.23 / 47) $2KEY: $0.80057 / 48) $DOT: $32.87 / 49) $BCH: $511.27”


Another crypto trader and blogger, TamilBTC, has made his future price projection of most of the coins in the year. BCH is among the over 15 cryptocurrencies that he made their future price estimations. According to the user, the Bitcoin Cash value will increase in the year. He thinks that the BCH price will reach $5000 before the end of the year.

Most of the users who shared their opinion about the prediction agreed with his forecast. “Price prediction 2021 / $BTC $200,000 / $ETH $5,000 / $BNB $1,000 / $ZIL $10 / $COTI $3 / $RSR $1 / $DOT $1,000 / $LTC $1,000 / $BCH $5,000 … You can add yours!”

Bitcoin Cash Could Be a Worthwhile Investment

Bitcoin Cash is better than BTC when it comes to transaction speed, time, fees. It can handle more transactions than Bitcoin. So, BCH may follow a different route in price behaviors.

The project’s team is already bringing new innovations, and BCH is presently competing with existing blockchain projects. This adds up to people’s belief that BCH has a brighter future — leading to various predictions on the digital coin.

By looking at the Bitcoin Cash price forecast for 2021 so far, over 95% agreed that the coin’s value would increase in the year. The highest predictions came from the Crypto Bull YouTube channel, which thinks that BCH value will reach $20,000 in the year, while the minimum forecast was from the Cryptoground platform, which believes that the coin’s value will fall to $420 in 2021.

However, one thing that is common among all the forecasts is that they all see BCH value increasing in the long run. So, invariably, investing in Bitcoin Cash is going to be a profitable long-term investment. What is your own BCH price prediction for 2021? Drop your comment below.

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