Oscar Amstadt

Mar 4, 2021

9 min read

Basic Attention Token (BAT) Price Prediction 2021

The coming of the Brave browser and its native Basic Attention Token (BAT) is still seen as one of the most revolutionary concepts in online digital advertising to date. That’s why lots of people are interested n investing in the token, and naturally, they want to know where the price is heading.

In this article, we are going to discuss the BAT price prediction for 2021 from different websites and cryptocurrency influencers.

I recently bought BAT on Coinuma, one of the fastest-growing cryptocurrency exchanges that offer negative fees (the platform pays you to trade with them).

Although I am bullish and have invested in the coin for the year, however, let’s see what other platforms and individuals have to say regarding the coin’s price for the year. Follow me as I explore the various public opinions regarding the coin for the year.

Basic Attention Token (BAT) Price Prediction 2021

What is Basic Attention Token (BAT)?

Basic attention token is an open-source, blockchain-based, distributed platform that is built on the Ethereum blockchain and uses smart contract technology.

The BAT is the native cryptocurrency of the Brave ecosystem. Its token is a reward for all users of the ecosystem, and BAT cryptocurrency is given to all the Brave participants. The users can use the coin within the network or donate it to publishers.

History of BAT

Brendan Eich is known as the creator of the basic attention token (BAT) and then further developed by the brave software. He created the BAT in May 2017 to remedy several problems he saw with digital advertising.

His goal for the project was to help customers, advertisers, and users. He wanted to eliminate any form of discomfort while using the web. So, he decided to create an ecosystem with the aim of accomplishing that exactly.

However, when the time for the creation and distribution of the BAT token elapsed, some specific elements of BAT were integrated into a particular web browser — the brave browser, to be exact. The developers designed the elements to fit into the brave payment program.

Although the BAT tokens are usually associated with the brave web browser, however, it is not limited to it. It can also be implemented into other web browsers as well.

BAT Price Prediction for 2021

The initial launch of ICO was well-timed for BAT leading to the high popularity it got during the launch. After the unveiling, BAT continued to attract investors as much as raising their expectations.

Now that digital media has become the backbone of world economies, it is undoubtedly that BAT’s popularity will continue to surge.

I have decided to show you some of the BAT price predctions for 2021 from crypto prediction platforms and individuals so as to guide you on any investment decisions regarding the token.

Let us look at the BAT projections from the various crypto platforms for the year.

CryptoNewsZ’s BAT Price Forecast

CryptoNewsZ platform is a news platform that publishes news on cryptocurrencies, analyses coins, and draws future price predictions.

In their BAT price analysis 2021, they looked at the various projections from various platforms such as Cryptoground, Coinswitch, Coinliker, etc., before drawing their long-term projection.

The platform thinks that the ongoing revolutionary phase in online advertising will drive the price of BAT. Accordingly, they believe that the coin’s prospects are bullish and predict that the token’s value will reach $0.50 by the end of 2021.

BAT Price Prediction by Crypto-rating

The analysts in the platform compared the BAT price in February 2020, which was highly bullish just as it has shown a reliable consistency in the early days of 2021.

Also, to better understand the BAT market fluctuations, they introduced the crypto Volatility Index (CVIX), which clearly showcases the present price dynamics and offers some tips on the possible scenarios of future price actions. The CVIX displays how fearful are the market participants of the BAT.

Based on the reading of the CVIX and the encompassing historical price chart of the token, they think that the price of the coin should easily swing around $0.51 to $0.61 by the end of the year. I think you should note this prediction due to the detailed analysis of the coin conducted by the platform.

Cryptoground’s Forecast for BAT in 2021

From the look of the BAT projection from Cryptoground, they utilized their in-house deep learning algorithm on BAT’s historical data. With their system, they can estimate the future price of coins, including the digital coin.

Their prediction for the year shows that the coin will have a bearish run, whereas their long-term forecast (5 years) shows a bullish run. The platform projects BAT price to fall to $0.30 by the end of 2021.

However, the platform’s information shows that they agree that the coin will be a profitable long-term investment (+ 5 years investment). Their analysis is represented in a graph, which can give you an insight into their prediction.

Tradingbeasts — “ BAT will trade at an average of $0.69”

The experts in Tradingbeasts have given their BAT price prediction for 2021. Accordingly, they think that the value of the coin will rise in the year. That means they predict a bullish run for the digital currency.

From their yearly estimation, the coin will trade at an average of $0.69 at the end of the year. The coin also can increase to as high as $0.87 or fall to $0.59. This projection seems to be their latest prediction. It means that you should look into it closely.

Even though they arrived at their forecast by analyzing the coin’s historical price chart, the platform also said that their projections are just a mere suggestion and should not be used as investment advice.

Digitalcoinprice’s Prediction “BAT might reach $0.84 in 2021”

BAT aims to revolutionize the way customers are interacting with the companies. The various partnerships it entered with companies coupled with the platform’s goals drew people’s attention to the token.

Digitalcoinprice is among those that have forecasted the price of BAT in 2021. Their experts think that the coin might reach $0.84 by the end of the year. And based on their forecast, the BAT coin is a profitable long-term investment.

The platform also went ahead to estimate the BAT price for the next 5 years, which also shows a bullish run.

BAT Price Prediction by Walletinvestor

Walletinvestor analysts think that BAT coin is doomed in 2021. That is, it will be a bad 1-year investment. When I looked further in the platform, I saw that they projected the coin to fall to an average of $0.48 in the year, with their maximum forecast being $0.59 and their minimum price $0.37.

I think they are not convinced about any future progress on BAT. They did not give any positive or negative investment advice regarding the coin.

Well, I believe they are skeptical about the coin. The platform drew graphs of their projection; you can check it out on the platform.

Captainaltcoin’s Forecast

Although most people don’t see it as a crypto prediction platform, I always look at it because of their critical analysis of cryptocurrencies.

The Captainaltcoin experts looked into the various analysis of the coin by the different platforms before finalizing their future projections.

The website believes that if the coin can survive to see 2023, the project’s user adoption will skyrocket, meaning that BAT could cost between $8–80 per coin in the future.

Coinarbitragebot — “BAT can shrink to $0.42”

Unlike they do with other coins, there was no investment advice regarding the coin by this platform for the year this time around.

Coinarbitragebot crypto pundits think that the coin’s value will shrink to $0.42 by the end of the year 2021. However, their five (5) years projection shows a bullish trend. So, I think that based on their long-term BAT forecast, the digital coin’s value will surge.

Having looked at the market projections for BAT so far, we can see that majority views the coin as something that would increase in value in the long run. Some endorsed long-term investment in the coin.

Let us also check the individual opinions from the social media platform, Twitter.

BAT price predictions 2021 by Twitter Users

Some Twitter users have dropped their BAT price predictions for 2021. Let’s look at some of them.


Rudolph is among the people who project a bullish run for the coin in the year. The crypto lover represented his prediction in a chart.

Looking at the chart, he believes that the coin will reach $0.6 by the end of the year. The user didn’t just drop his BAT estimation; he also went further to ask people who agree with his projection to tip him 1 BAT token.

He even posted his BAT wallet ID in his profile. So, the user’s projection is bullish for 2021. “BAT price prediction 2021. Tip 1 BAT if you like this post. #basicattentiontoken #cryptotrading #bitcoins”


The famous cryptocurrency trader dropped his predictions on many coins at the beginning of the year. BAT was among the 19 cryptos that he estimated their price for the year. From his forecast, he thinks that BAT’s price will reach $3 before the end of 2021.

One of the things that attracted me to the forecast was the various comments that followed the tweet. While the majority agreed with the user, others were asking about his opinion regarding other coins.

The user didn’t only drop his price estimates; he also asked his followers to drop their own predictions. “2021 Price Prediction / $TOMO $20 / $VIDT $15 / $AVAX $10 / $ALGO $3 / $OMG $15 / $BAT $3 … What is your ?”

You can check his forecast here


The Twitter user asked his followers about their BAT prediction for the year. However, what drew my attention was the link that followed his post. The tweet was followed with a Reddit link.

The Reddit link led to a page where BAT price forecasts for the year are being discussed. The social media platform users discussed the future of the token and their price estimates for the year.

In this thread, we can see how several people place the price of BAT for the year 2021 at $ 5–10 or even $ 40


This is another Twitter user that is highly optimistic that the Basic Attention Tokens Value will increase in the year. He went as far as countering others who forecasted $5 for the coin in the long run. “The modest predictions I’m seeing on $BAT to $5 are so low that I consider them to be Bearish. Why would you buy bat if it’s only going to go to $5? I’m seeing going BAT to $100+!!!!”

According to him, $5 is like a bearish price trend, and he doesn’t believe that BAT will have a bearish price trend in 2021. So, he thinks that the coin is capable of hitting $100 + in the long run. But I think that the prediction is a bit exaggerated.

Well, with the current happenings in the Defi space, nothing is impossible. A user even exclaimed, “Lets go!” Maybe he agrees with the forecast.

YouTube BAT price Prediction for 2021

Let us look at most of the YouTube price predictions for BAT in the year 2021.

Modern Day Digital

The YouTube channel started by analyzing the current BAT market situation before making their predictions for the year. From the projection, the YouTuber thinks that the Bitcoin price will play a huge role in the BAT price for the year.

Accordingly, the user forecasts $3 to $5 for BAT for the year 2021. Most of the comments agreed with his forecast.

Top Coin

The YouTuber thinks that the Brave coin is capable of hitting $7 during the year. He believes that if the coin’s market cap can reach $10 billion, it can hit the target.

Crypto Millionaire Academy

Crypto Millionaire Academy is a popular cryptocurrency YouTube channel which I have been following for months. In their BAT price projections for the year, they studied the historical price data of the coin.

Also, they went as high as analyzing the forecasts from popular crypto forecasting platform, Digitalcoinprice. After studying the coin, the YouTuber estimated that Basic Attention Token Price would reach $1 by the end of the year.


Although the projection was short-term, after studying and analyzing the coin, Velcoin thinks that BAT will hit $1 in the future. His prediction drew some user’s attention.

Most of the comments believe that the current market situation might lead to a bullish trend for the coin.

Final Thought on BAT Price Forecasts for 2021

With the rising concerns over users’ privacy, tools like BAT will become more and more needed. Anything that seeks to improve and advance security is critical to the well-being of digital marketing.

These days, people are enabling adblockers to avoid privacy violations, as well as irrelevant ads.

The Basic Attention token offers a brilliant solution with a new digital advertising paradigm that suits advertisers, publishers, and users. This is why the browser’s adoption is rising, which is increasing the value of the BAT token. People believe that BAT has a future because of the various innovations being introduced in the platform.

For these reasons, the majority thinks that the coin is capable of breaking the $1 barrier before the end of the year. While few people think that the coin is doomed in the year, the majority of people and platforms view the coin as a profitable long-term investment. A user even went as high as predicting that the coin will reach $100 before the end of 2021. That shows his level of optimism in the token.

So far, I have invested in the token. You can give the token a shot.